Virtual Phone Number for SMS: Latitude and Profit

A virtual number is an ordinary telephone number, which is operated in all countries using forwarding calls and messages in certain directions. It is not tied to a specific area, and its use does not require additional devices purchasing. It brings the possibility to communicate in any country without a mobile phone, SIM card, and special equipment. All it takes is a reliable Internet connection.

You can solve work issues while being far from home on vacation or a business trip (with the help of a virtual number), as well as keep in touch with family and friends. This number can be used both for personal communication and for business purposes by entrepreneurs and commercial structures. Such a solution is used when confirming an account on various sites, when signing up on gambling sites, when advertising subscriptions, and other actions performed. It is very convenient when working with a large number of messages.

Reasons and Benefits

Virtual phone numbers have become a popular commodity; moreover, they are gaining unprecedented relevance from year to year. What are the reasons? Many companies emphasize efficiency and safety. It is often necessary to sign up in order to gain access to a certain set of benefits and opportunities. Sometimes it involves the need to indicate the contact (the mobile phone is occasionally the key element). As the majority is interested in personal data protection, a temporary phone number comes to the rescue. Individuals prefer to use it when

  • There is no desire to indicate personal contact due to avoiding potential risks. You can protect yourself from scammers’ undue attention or companies with intrusive advertising.
  • A person wants to maximize personal benefits and save money on buying a new SIM card.
  • There is a need to create a second account within the same system.
  • A practical person has a desire to use additional services and improve the available possibilities.
  • The second SIM card in the mobile gadget is absent.
  • Traveling abroad, since there is no opportunity to activate expensive calling plans.
  • There is a need to circumvent some of the geographic restrictions imposed by local telecom operators.

When concerning the business needs, a virtual phone number for SMS is useful to get

  • Call forwarding to the convenient device.
  • Possibility for business development.
  • Anonymity maintenance.
  • Possibility to make SMS distribution with actionable data to the clients.
  • Affordable rates for SMS sending.
  • Solutions for message
  • Unlimited number of SMS.
  • Opportunity to get SMS by email.
  • Full statistics of all the received by the company messages.
  • Chance to perform all the setting changes online in a few minutes.
  • Help, because you can always contact the technical support of the service. Experienced staff will provide the client with the necessary information in expanded form.

One more supplemental bonus is a reasonable price for service. Financial cooperation conditions depend on the chosen numbers of countries, connection terms, and other features, connected by the company or the individuals.

Where to get it?


You can get a virtual number for SMS via the required services. The person has to create an account on the service and replenish it with the required amount (there’s a possibility to preselect the desired services). Messages are sent through the user’s account. Sending can be made to mobile phone numbers of any telecom operators, e-mail addresses, to various sites, or servers. It is possible to send SMS messages from a virtual number around the clock and 7 days a week. The service does not depend on the work of one person, so the offers are provided without interruption.

The opportunity to use high-quality communication with low call rates all over the world has appeared due to the unique SMS receiving service. It works smoothly due to the processing centers that are located in various cities and countries. Messages are sent in a fully automated mode, which eliminates errors in the subscriber’s number determination and ensures a high speed of work.

Connection and Usage Processes


First of all, the user has to choose a reliable service for cooperation. You can pick up the one among the most popular companies, such as Freezvon, TextMagic, OnlineSim, etc. It is enough to go through a simple registration procedure and replenish your account. Payment is accepted by bank cards and other popular payment systems. Some companies also accept cryptocurrencies, so you can choose the most convenient solution.

The whole process is simple.

  • The person has to sign up or log into the system. It takes 2-3 minutes.
  • It’s important to top up the balance (to pay a monthly fee).
  • The user has to choose a country, city, and a type of phone number.
  • Come up with the SMS receiving method.
  • Nail down the subscription period.
  • Carefully review all the entered information and complete an order.

You will receive a notification by mail about the activation of the number within 24 hours after purchase. The connection may take longer for some countries. In such cases, you will see the expected connection time. It’s important to choose a company for cooperation carefully as a service order can be accompanied by the identification documents delivery (usually such data is reliable encrypted).

Pay attention that all the information about the fee and other financial moments are usually described in detail on a company’s website. It’s possible to receive SMS via email, URL, or mobile number – for more details click here.

The convenience of mentioned redirection of text messages is that a limited number of messages can usually be stored in the memory of a mobile phone, but the email memory capacity is much larger. In addition, such a solution is reinsurance against the loss of the mobile.

When the device goes out of the network for a long time, messages may be lost and not reach the addressee. Forwarding to email will solve this problem, allowing the recipient to read absolutely all the SMS that are retained in mail data storage.

Concerning SMS sending, such a procedure can be performed with the help of a personal account, where the user can enter the recipient’s phone number and the whole text.

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