Vince Vaughn Arrested For DUI And Resisting Officers

According to the report from Manhattan Beach Police Department, actor Vince Vaughn was jailed under the suspicion of driving under the influence. This happened early on Sunday morning when the famous Hollywood star was stopped by the police at the DUI checkpoint.

According to authorities, he was pulled over somewhere between Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, outside of LA. The stop was done at about 12:30 a.m., and in the end, the actor was arrested and taken to jail. On top of DUI charge, the Dodgeball star will probably face charges for resisting, delaying and obstructing officers, as Sgt. Matt Sabosky stated.

Sabosky added that unidentified male passenger that was with Vaughn at the moment of the arrest would also be charged with public intoxication and obstructing officers. Details about the man that was also in the car weren’t offered immediately so we will get those at a later date.


Since resisting officers can mean a lot of things, we sought clarification, and Sgt. Tim Zins, Manhattan Beach Police Department spokesman clarified the situation. It was said that Vince Vaughn wasn’t “fighting with officers, but more of delaying the investigation.” He continued by adding “There was no officer use of force or anything like that.”

Both The Internship star and his passenger were taken to the Manhattan Beach Jail, and soon after that left on bail. There were no additional details about the bail on Sunday morning. We also need to add that there was no response from the representatives of Mr. Vaughn.

Currently, Vaughn is involved in several movie and TV projects as both actor and producer, hopefully, this will not affect production.


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