6 Benefits of Using an Experienced and Skilled Quantity Surveyor

If you are about to get involved in a construction project of renovation, self-building, or something else, and want to assemble a team of people who will really get the job done, and with the best possible quality, you may want to consider hiring a quantity surveyor. For those who have never heard about such a profession, the title will not say much, but those who already have experience with such professionals surely know these people are always their best friends.

You cannot know whether you need one or not, or what are the benefits of hiring one if you are not familiar with what they do. So, before we continue with the benefits, here is a detailed explanation of what is their role…

Who is a quantity surveyor, and what does he do?

Let’s assume you want to start a renovation project, after which you would like to rent the premises. And, you have zero experience in this, so it is hard to make an assumption of the costs. This is the time when you need someone to help you draft the budget for your project, with an expert view of all expenses that you can expect to have. We’re talking about the professional who knows land management, has experience and knowledge about the construction industry, and property management as well. In our example, he will be also someone who can help you estimate the taxes. To learn more about how click here.

To cut the story short, a professional with skills and expertise in calculating and managing all costs related to your construction project.

So, the next logical question would be, when to hire one?

As soon as the idea of the project comes up in your head. Such professionals are usually involved from the very beginning because you want to know whether the project is worth pursuing or not before the actual works start. When they state their opinion about the feasibility, they also stay during every project phase, to monitor the budget implementation and expenses. This means they will stick around your construction site keeping an eye on the expenditures you have planned as well as those that could not be planned until the project is complete.

And finally, below we have listed all the benefits of hiring an experienced and skilled quantity surveyor.

1. Drafting a realistic plan

We have mentioned earlier how having someone who has experience in foreseeing expenses before the start of the project is of great importance. The biggest benefit of having a quantity surveyor by your side, in this case, is for drafting a realistic budget. There are times when it is difficult to be sure whether the project is worth pursuing or not, and you can only know when you decide to hire someone to give you a realistic, objective overview of the situation.  It’s definitely a safer way to choose.

2. Flexibility, and skills to adapt to changes quickly


Even though many things can be planned, there are still tons of those that cannot. Especially in the construction industry. Complications can happen in no time, leaving you at a dead-end, if you don’t have a professional by your side. A quantity surveyor is someone able to adapt to changes that happen as the project develops further. Someone who can quickly make a solution to a budget-related issue, so the works do not face delay, or face minimum possible delay.

3. You’ll have someone monitoring actual works and doing all the paperwork

Often you will find yourself unable to be in two places at the same time, or even if you can run from point A to point B, you may not be as productive as you need to be. A quantity surveyors’ job is to be the eyes and ears of the whole process. Dealing with the office paperwork like contracts, assembling documents for tenders, analyzing costs that have occurred and reporting about them, doing feasibility studies, making payments, and so many other desk-related activities. At the same time, he’s available to clients to answer questions and requirements. It’s also a part of their job to be at the project implementation site, to see if there is anything needed to be added to the future financial projection. One person, in charge of so many things. Like we have said, eyes and ears.

4. Getting the best value for your money

We’ve mentioned in the beginning how it’s their job to predict all the costs and calculate whether the project is feasible or not. Therefore, it is only logical to conclude one of the benefits is to get the best possible value for the money you plan to invest in the project.

5.   You’ll have someone keeping all the expenditures on track


Handling budget-related issues can be complicated when construction projects are involved. Issues usually start to occur once the project is launched, but what professionals are skilled at doing is handling them. Let’s say you need to know how much will a delay in works costs, a quantity surveyor can in this case assess the cost-effectiveness and make additional agreements with the contractors. This way, he keeps track of the costs.

Since these projects have different phases, one of the tasks they do is draft cash flow data, so you can arrange for the finance to be ready in advance before the phase starts.

6. Reporting

Each project comes with tons of reports needed to be submitted to different sides, but since most investors have bank loans as their primary source of investment, they are the ones seeking these reports. Quantity surveyors take this responsibility on themselves and know hos, so you do not have to bother.

In the end, when everything is complete, you want to have an overview of how things really went, and this is summed up in the final report.

A profession like this comes with a lot more responsibility than what was mentioned in these 6 points. Having a quantity surveyor by your side, when doing big or small projects, is priceless.

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