Use iBoysoft Data Recovery to Recover Data from BitLocker Encrypted Drives

BitLocker is an easy-to-use and powerful encryption feature in Windows. With this encryption tool, we can lock the partitions and hard drives to protect our important data against unauthorized access. However, things become miserable once we accidentally deleted the BitLocker encrypted partitions.

As we all know, we usually can recover data from the deleted and lost partitions with a data recovery program. But not all software can recover data from lost BitLocker encrypted partitions. The good news is, we recently test iBoysoft Data Recovery developed by iBoysoft and found it is an efficient data recovery software to recover data from deleted or lost BitLocker encrypted partitions.

Note: To recover data from BitLocker encrypted drives, we must either have the password or find out the recovery key.

BitLocker Data Recovery Software: iBoysoft Data Recovery

One of the key features of this program is recovering data from BitLocker encrypted drives. It works with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003.

With the correct password or recovery key, this data software can:

  • Recover data from deleted or lost BitLocker partitions.
  • Recover important files when the BitLocker encrypted drive or partition is reformatted by a third-party tool.
  • Recover files from inaccessible and corrupted BitLocker partitions.
  • Recover data when the process of BitLocker drive encryption is failed, stuck, interrupted, frozen, etc.

How to use iBoysoft Data Recovery to recover data from a BitLocker encrypted drive?

It’s easy to use this data software to recover files from BitLocker partition. For testing, we deleted a BitLocker encrypted partition on a drive and successfully got our files back.

Here are the details:

1. The first step is to download, install, and launch it on a Windows computer. The wizard of this software is clear and simple, so we finished the installation just in a few seconds.

2. To perform BitLocker data recovery, we click the “BitLocker Data Recovery” option at the upper right corner of this software. Then all connected drives are listed, so we select the drive that contains the deleted BitLocker encrypted partition and then click Next.
PS: If the lost partition is not encrypted with BitLocker, simply click “Find More Partitions” to find the lost partition.

3. After we find the deleted BitLocker partition, we are asked to input the password or recovery key to decrypt data on this partition. Then the program will start scanning for all lost data on this BitLocker encrypted partition.

4. Once the scanning is completed, we are allowed to preview these files and choose files we want. After that, we can click “Recover” button, and then our files are recovered.

Other Features of iBoysoft Data Recovery

Except for BitLocker data recovery, we found that this free software also performs well in other situations.

  • Deleted file

This tool can easily recover deleted files during our testing. We deleted some files from Recycle Bin, and we also tried to delete files from external drives like external hard drives, SD cards, USB flash drives, etc. What astonished us is that it can recover the deleted files in these cases with no fuss.

  • Formatted drive data

Also, it can recover data from formatted drive easily. This would be a good feature for people who formatted a drive and lost some important files like documents, photos, movies, audio files, etc.

  • Corrupted drive data

Another key feature of this software is to recover data from corrupted drives. It’s a common disk problem that a disk becomes corrupted, inaccessible, unrecognizable, or RAW for some inevitable reasons. So, we believe that this software could be a good way to recover data from corrupted drives under these situations. You can check also for help.


The easy-to-use encryption tools like BitLocker is a good way to protect our important data. But it is also a double-edged sword because BitLocker makes data recovery harder. Fortunately, we can try data recovery software like this one to save lost data from BitLocker encrypted drives.