Can You Use Energy Drinks For Studying

In the examination period, students stay awake during the night to get everything done. Passing the exams is really stressful and there’s never a lot of time to study.

In order to stay awake, a lot of students are drinking coffee, water or energy drinks. But are these methods efficient? Can the use of energy drinks actually improve your focus and help you get better results?

This is what we are going to explore in the article and show some of the alternatives that can keep you awake and improve your focus.

Energy Drinks Are Powerful

All energy drinks are based on the same principle – they contain sugar and large doses of caffeine and that’s what is keeping people alert during the long stretches of studying or working. They activate reward and pleasure regions of the bran which makes it quite an effective solution for those who want to pull an all-nighter.

It is actually been tested – the people who use energy drinks tend to perform better and be more focused by a small margin. That’s why this is a great way to keep you going and on, you can find one of the best energy drinks for focus in case you are looking for one.

Be Careful with How Much You Drink

While energy drinks are a great way to make you feel refreshed, they lose the effects if you drink to much of it. Let’s say you have a couple of stressful days at college and you drink a few energy drinks to get the juices flowing.

After two or three, you will not be getting those sparks any longer and higher doses of sugar and caffeine can only make you feel more agitated.

This is why you need to save the energy drinks for the very last moment – when all the other sources don’t work and when you need to be awake and ready – use it then.

Furthermore, you don’t want your energy drink to become your go-to solution whenever you feel a bit sleepy. Keep those as the X-factor to get the most out of them, no matter which energy drink you use.


While energy drinks are effective and you should have at least one or two in your fridge during the exam period, there are other ways that you can improve your focus and say away.

Drink Water

One of the most important things to do while you study is to keep your body fresh and not to dehydrate. As we study, we forget to drink water and even to eat and several hours may pass without us even noticing.

Always keep a bottle of water or lemon water next to you to be the reminder to stay refreshed. Water will help you be alert and you will feel better as time passes. Of course, water cannot awake you when you are dead tired, but it will help you feeling more energized in general.

Coffee is always a Good Choice

Coffee is a beverage that is spread around worldwide and people drink it when they want to feel awake. Usually, coffee is served in the morning to get us going or during the day, but we rarely drink it in the evening.

If you plan to study for a few more hours and it’s already night time, coffee might be the thing you need to keep you at it. It is easy to make and it is quite effective with some other health benefits related to coffee as well.

Usually, students have their fill of coffee and grow tired of it and that’s why they replace it with energy drinks. These drinks are tastier as they come with different flavors and you don’t have to prepare anything. Just drink it from the can or the glass.

Don’t Forget to Eat Something

In order to study you way through the night, you need to eat regularly. The best energy you get is the one from food and nothing can replace that. When you’re hungry, you cannot focus and therefore, you cannot learn effectively.

However, you want to be careful here, because you don’t want to eat too much. If you overeat, you will feel sleepy and find it hard to focus!

Take a break

If you feel as if you’re stuck, take a break and get some fresh air – this will feel your lungs with oxygen, which is more than necessary to keep you energized. Doing a 5-10 minutes of light exercise can get your blood going!

DON’T stare at your phone during your break! This is especially true if what you are studying is on your laptop!

Taking Energy Drinks Before Exam

Having an exam is really stressful and if you haven’t slept well, you will find it hard to concentrate. But this is the moment when you need to be at your best and therefore, you can use an energy drink to make it through the exam.

In these scenarios, energy drinks will provide you with enough energy for the upcoming 2-3 hours, just the time the exam usually lasts. We’ve already said that energy drinks make you feel better and happier, which is quite important before the exam. You need to have this feeling of satisfaction in order to perform well.

Of course, the energy drink will not calm you down (that’s something you need to figure out how to do by yourself) but it has a lots of other benefits.


Should you use energy drinks to improve focus?

The quick summary is “Yes”.

The long answer is “Yes, but…”

As we’ve already said, energy drinks have a great value and they can prove quite useful whenever you need to stay away and get something done. They will improve your focus and make you feel better. On the other hand, you don’t want to drink it too often because it can lose its effectiveness over time. Soon, it may become the same as drinking water.

Therefore, it is essential to combine all the different alternatives we’ve listed, to be as productive and focused as possible.

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