How To Use Candle Holders as Decoration? 6 Interior Design Tips


Take the ordinary to extraordinary with these simple and creative ideas for using candle holders as beautiful décor accents. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a room for a special occasion or just for your own pleasure, learn how to bring light and warmth into your home with candle holders!

Candle holders can be a beautiful, creative way of decorating any space in your home. Whether you are looking to bring a bit of ambiance and romance to your dining room or inject some warmth into a hallway, candle holders can create an inviting atmosphere. In addition to providing light, they also make excellent decoration pieces that can add personality and style to your room.



An important point to consider when decorating with candle holders is the optimal placement. You want to be sure you place your candle holders in areas of your room that complement their size and shape. For example, if they are tall, narrow 4 candlestick holders, use them in an area where they can draw the eye upward and provide drama; these would look great near a staircase or entryway. Or, if you’re using a wall sconce, find an area in which it will be visible but not overpowering.

Other factors you may want to consider include the ambient light in the room. If there’s already a lot of natural light coming in from windows or from other sources like recessed lighting or track lighting, consider placing more muted-style candleholders on shelves or mantle pieces to avoid competing for attention with other elements in the room. However, if you’ve got dark corners and shadows, don’t be afraid to introduce statement pieces with vibrant colors and modern styles that will add warmth and depth to shadowy areas.


When considering color for candle holders, try to make your selection flow with the look and feel you are going for in the room. Many people like to bring together rooms by including similar colors or complementary color schemes that work together. The color of the candle holders doesn’t need to match everything, but they should ‘go’ with the items they are displayed near.

For a minimalist or modern look in a living space, opt for black, gray, or white holders. If you want to add an element of luxe and warmth to your space, choose metallic finishes such as gold or silver. For a boho chic aesthetic add brass and hammered copper for a vintage-inspired industrial look. And for something bold and colorful choose options in warmer shades such as orange, red and yellow; or cooler blues and greens.


When choosing material for your candle holders, you should take into account the atmosphere of the room that you’re decorating and how different textures will look when lit up by candles.

For instance, ornate metal holders such as wrought iron or brass can invoke a sense of drama or classic elegance depending on how you place them in the room. Such decorative pieces work well with earth tones while lighter-colored precious metals may work better with pastel shades. Woods such as teak, mahogany, and oak also have timeless appeal and their natural tones will complement virtually any color scheme around it. Even when unlit, these candle holders can provide a finished look to the interior of your home.


Grouping candle holders together can be a great way to make a statement in any room. They come in different sizes and finishes, making it easy to create an interesting display. When grouping candle holders together, try and create balance by alternating sizes or materials.

Place tall, narrow holders on one side with shorter, wider ones on the other side for symmetry. If you are using glass holders, mix in some metal pieces for contrast. Grouping them at different heights is also important – the piece at the center should be the highest point of your arrangement.

When you are finished curating your candle holder grouping, add candles that match your décor style and let the soft light flicker from your decorative display.


When selecting and arranging candle holders, focal points, subtle details, and interesting pairings all come into play. For example, choose multiple sizes and or textures of candle holders to create a centerpiece that demands attention. If you have a focal point such as a bed or a sofa in your room, select three or four taller candle holders and balance it out with one or two statement pieces on either side. You can also mix warmer, gold tones with modern metallic finishes to create an eye-catching arrangement.

Adding Accessories

Adding accessories can bring the beauty of candle holders to a room’s design. There are no hard and fast rules about which items work best with candle holders, but creating a cohesive look requires an understanding of the various elements. For starters, consider the type and shape of your holders – tall, stick candles should be grouped together in an area near their burners and tapers should be arranged in sets or pairs.

Candle stands can also be used to add interest to a room with tall structures such as floor pillars or wall-mounted pieces that position candles higher up in the room. Additionally, votive cups can be used to add sparkle to any space when placed atop desks or centerpieces. Smaller ornamental pieces like candelabras are also popular choices for romantic settings such as tablescapes during holiday gatherings or anniversaries where they can fill larger spaces with light.

Feel free to get creative with these stylish accessories when combining holders into interior décor. Antiqued candlesticks are a timeless choice for traditional settings while metallic finishes can lend an industrial flair when grouped alongside more contemporary accents like colorful glassware and modern art pieces.

Additionally, non-traditional accessories like vases filled with fresh flowers, potpourri dishes adorned with scented wax sticks, and wax warmers outfitted with crockery pot lids all make unique transitions from regular lighting fixtures to inspiring displays that will draw guests’ eyes throughout your home’s interior design.


Whether you want to go for a minimalistic look or something more luxurious and glamorous, the possibilities of whipping up your interior space with candle holders are endless. They can add the perfect finishing touches to any area of your home and can demonstrate your individual style. Be sure to measure up the space available before selecting or buying several different holders in order to ensure that they suit the area you’ve chosen.

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