3 Things to know before you use a Black Printed Circuit Board

If you are one of the people who love and enjoy electronics you have surely opened up quite a bit of electronic devices or at least seen on the internet how the circuit board looks. That is the big board that everything is connected to it and coordinates all the information how it is supposed to. If you are a lover of tech and electronics, you may tried to fix problems on your devices when there is something wrong on the board.

Since there are many different types of colors for the circuit boards you are wondering what is the difference between them. Well, every color has different functions and benefits that differentiate them from the others. Some are easy to produce and to maintain and for some that are really hard and almost impossible. They all have different temperature resistance and durability differences as well.

In this article, we will talk about what exactly are black printed circuit boards and what you should know before using them including the good things and the bad as well.

What are black printed circuit boards

These bords are different from the others because of the materials that are put over the solder points. The whole point for this is to hide the copper parts while improving the quality of the board. Many materials are involved in making these types of boards.

The substance that is put over the solder points is made out of a material that makes the board reasonably resistant to humidity and has a great insulation method. Also, when you put that substance over the copper you can’t solder on it anymore because this material is resistant to it, that is why they are really hard to work on especially if you are just a beginner. Since this substance is protecting the points, it can withstand high temperatures without being damaged, which is why it is the most used type of board in the new electronic devices because it makes them more durable.

The process of making these products is really interesting. First, they make sure that the board is spotless. Then they put on the black material that is going above the board with a technique where they let precisely enough of the black substance to go above the board. We all know that it is never good to have too little or too much and that is why this is really important. Then they use a method which they make substance to cover every single place that is supposed to without leaving any places uncovered.

There are also other methods to make sure that the substance is equally placed on the board especially on the edges where it is hard to get to. These methods have to be done slowly to avoid any mistakes that might harm the board and make it lose its qualities.

After they finish with this process, it is time to put on the material that goes above the soldering points. They use different techniques to make the material stick properly to the surface and make sure that it is done perfectly. Then, they put the whole board under a UV for a couple of minutes to make sure that it sticks properly.

The last process when producing this type of product is to add the finishing coat. That can be done with different substances to improve the quality that you need for the product. For example, some materials give qualities that include easiness to work with the board because they can be taken off when needed. They also give protection when they are exposed to some kind of conditions that may cause harm to the product. Some finishes may improve the resistance of the heat because all electronic devices tend to heat up easily and you don’t want your product to be destroyed because of a poorly made component. That is why the manufacturer chooses what finish to add depending on the result that they are expecting.

What are these boards good for

These boards are really hard to copy so people can’t make replicas of them. Why is that? Because the color is masking all the connections and you can’t really see how it functions. Also, they are expensive to produce so it is not really cost-effective for replica makers to do these because you can imagine spending a lot of time and money on something that may not come out well in the end.

Because of the production process, you can add different types of materials as a finish to improve or upgrade some of the qualities that you will need for the product. That can make them more durable depending on what kind of product you need.

The color can also give them a benefit so that it does not reflect light as much, especially with black PCB. Visit here to learn more about those benefits.

In the end, they look way better than the other ones, so for a product that you want to be perfect including the qualities and the looks, this may be for you.

What are these boards bad at

As we mentioned above, they are really not easy to produce because of the materials that are used and they are masking all the paths and connections so they are making a hard job for the manufacturers. The materials may be harmful to the environment so we should think about a proper recycling method.  They are also more expensive to produce so you have to keep in mind that the product that will have them inside is going to be pricier.

They are really easy to be mechanically damaged when they are transporting or when they are put on shelves. That does not mean that they will not work properly but surely, they will not look as astonishing as a new one.


The black printed circuit boards are a great way to improve the quality of your product if it matches with the qualities that they offer. Having good durability other than the regular scratches makes them a good component for many devices. Since they are hard and not that cheap to produce, you can expect them to be in more premium products.

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