The US Anticipates Solar Revolution in 2021

Covid-19 ended for the solar industry in the US in 2021. Well, not literally, but the solar industry grows at an incredible pace taking into consideration the coronavirus situation worldwide. The number one reason for the surge in demand for solar power is an extended solar panel tax credit at 26 percent. Coupled with that, solar panel companies like LA Solar Group lower solar panel installation costs to complement the market upswing. Plus, construction costs tend to decline approximately by 37 percent, which is a considerable contribution to solar growth. Considering positive changes in the solar industry, many companies initiated solar projects to be rolling in wealth. Let’s read further to acknowledge those.

1. Sunflower Solar PV Farm

Solar projects can’t be small. For the considerable benefit, they need to be massive. Sunflower Solar PV Firm operated by Recurrent Energy is one example of a large project in size of 100MW. The project aims to construct a big solar panel farm accessing Sunflower County, Mississippi’s 1,000 acres of land solely. It would have been nonsense if the project didn’t hold a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Of course, it does. The facility that gets constructed on the vast territory will be directed towards electrifying 16,000 homes by providing a renewable resource – the sun’s energy. Imagine a substantial environmentally-friendly area projected for bettering society’s life – it can never be forgotten!

2. Commonwealth Solar Project

If the Sunflower Solar PV Farm can be considered a massive one, then I have no words for the Commonwealth Solar Project. Community Energy Inc operates the Commonwealth Solar Project, which aims to construct two solar power plants. With this number of solar energy facilities, we access a size of 220MW – HUGE! Okay, the size is great, but what is the focus of it? Let me come from the depth of the story. Community Energy Inc has a signed contract with the University of Pennsylvania for a period of 25 years. According to that contract, the university will purchase the energy generated by these two solar power plants. Considerable income source! Plus, the project will be expanded by 2024, when it enters its commercial stage of operation. Can’t wait to see how the project goes!

3. Happy Solar Park


Well, well, what do we have for the third solar project? Happy Solar Park that the Lightsource BP operates. Even though it is less in size compared to the Sunflower Solar PV Farm, it still can’t be considered small. Having a size of 132MW for a 700-acre area, the Happy Solar Park aims at decreasing the unemployment rate in White County, Arkansas. At first, during its construction stage, up to 250 job positions will be available to people. A huge contribution to the decrease of the unemployment rate. Afterward, the solar power facility will be able to supply the sun’s energy to more than 21,400 households in Conway. Besides such initiatives, the construction of Happy Solar Park aims to make money by selling the generated power to Conway Corporation – a company ready to purchase it. A multi-beneficial project in the solar industry will definitely make the world a better place for living.

4. Pecan Prairie Solar Project

Huh, if we thought that previously discussed projects are massive, we are blind! Let me introduce you to the Pecan Prairie Solar Project of a 500MW size. Can you imagine how considerable its impact is? Assumedly, calling it a large-scale project is the right way to go. This solar project is designed for Leon County, Texas, by ConnectGen company. Why does it use such an enormous amount of power? The answer is simple – to fulfill the goals of the project. It aims at electrifying beyond 50,000 households in Texas. Enormous social contribution requires equal investment! Besides social contribution, the project has all the chances to be a source of economic growth. By the way, people who work on this one already see the perks of designing such an environmental project. For instance, in the scope of the Pecan Prairie Solar Project, almost 10,300 job positions got available in the market. Plus, over 13,300MW of power is anticipated to be generated in the coming years up to 2024. Numbers are huge, so are the benefits!

5. Golden Triangle Solar Energy Centre

Let’s see what I have kept for last. The Golden Triangle Solar Energy Centre is a solar project designed as a consequence of a reward of 200MW from Tennessee Valley Authority to Origis Energy. The company decided to establish a solar energy plant in Lowndes County, Mississippi, on the land of 1,900 acres – another massive contribution to the world’s sustainability through the solar industry. Why did I keep it for the last? Because it differs from other projects with its framework. The organizers plan to start the project with a solar panel battery storing primarily 50MW of power. Afterward, they aim to make the facility produce power for Tennessee Valley Authority by 2024. What is the reason for choosing such a framework? Well, if other projects aimed at income generation and unemployment rate decrease, this one has solely environmental ambitions. The Golden Triangle Solar Energy Centre wants to reduce carbon emission by conserving approximately 225,000 kg of CO2 – seems like no-pollution life is close! However, similar to other projects, it also complies with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). That is, the solar project aims at providing electricity to over 45,000 households. What is outstanding about this project is its extensiveness – creating the solar energy plant, owning it, and making it function properly.

Final Note

Taking into account that all the above-discussed 5 solar projects take place in the US in 2021, we can assume that the US is on the path of revolutionary and sustainable growth. Sunflower Solar PV Farm, Commonwealth Solar Project, Happy Solar Park, Pecan Prairie Solar Project, Golden Triangle Solar Energy Centre – five solar projects are surmounting the rate of the world’s sustainable development.