Unreliable internet: Every E-Gamer’s worst nightmare!

We are living in a world of the internet these days. Our everyday routines and activities are directly linked with the use and utility of the internet, one way or another. The profession of E-Gaming, which is growing rapidly all over the world, is largely based on the availability of a dependable internet connection. If an adequate connection is not available, then begins the infamous nightmare of every E-Gamers life! Because in times past, gaming was considered to be a recreational activity at its core, and now people are adopting it as a profession and means to livelihood.

Let us consider some of the most common issues which arise with a poor connection and the measures which can be taken to rectify these problems.

Fluctuating pings

Latency/ping value showcases the strength of your broadband connection. A good ping value is somewhere around 1-30ms (milliseconds). Any ping value below 80ms is still considered playable with just a minor lag occurring, but anything above that can ruin your gaming experience. In competitive environments, the minutest of clicks and precision matters, and if you are participating in an online tournament, you will be handicapped if your connection doesn’t support a good ping – a disadvantage that can be costly. Fluctuating pings might also give you an unstable and constantly changing ping value. This issue is quite common with poor connections or damaged wires and makes gaming a pain rather than pleasure while competitive gaming totally goes out of the question.

A trial and error solution is the most dependable when you want to rectify your latency problems. Let us consider a few steps which can help you overcome this issue.

  • You should disable any downloads in the background because they can result in an increased ping. Closing programs which take up excess RAM is also recommended. A number of programs might have minor downloads of their own which automatically start when an internet connection is detected, so closing them beforehand is recommended too.
  • Usually, a number of devices have access to a Wi-Fi connection in a household. Streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube eat up a lot of data, and if someone else is using the same internet as you are, that will result in a higher and unstable ping. You should make sure your device is the only one connected if you want a great gaming experience.
  • Bad sectors are sometimes created between the router and your computer, and the easiest way to resolve this issue is to restart your router. Give at least a 1-minute pause before turning the device back on, and that should resolve the issue.

Insufficient speeds

Another issue that alters the dependability of an internet connection is insufficient speed. Advanced games have been introduced in the market with amazing graphics, but they require more bandwidth to operate seamlessly in an online environment. If the connection is not sufficient enough to support the upgraded engine, that will result in constant lags and failures while playing online.

To rectify this problem, you should contact your service provider and ask them for a connection upgrade. Opting for a fiber-optic connection is recommended for your gaming purposes as those are quite dependable and able to provide a higher speed without the need for upgrading your wires. If an upgrade is not available with your current service provider, consider switching to another in order to upgrade your internet connection to a more powerful one.

Improve your connectivity

Line connectivity needs to be improved if you want to make the most out of your internet connection. Fiber optic connections don’t face these issues due to the advanced infrastructure, but if you are not using a fiber connection, you should observe the following steps:

  • Old routers and modems often have old definitions installed, and consequently, they are unable to support modern traffic. As a result, you will experience lags, but your connection is not the issue in this scenario, rather it’s the hardware. Replacing the old hardware with new is the only option here. While buying new equipment, make sure you get components which are compatible with your connection. You can consult your network provider for advice in this regard as they often assist customers in replacing older equipment.
  • Some devices such as mobile phones can disrupt the magnetic and electric fields of equipment around them, so it is advised to keep them or at least charge them a safe distance away from your router and line to be able to enjoy a noiseless connection.
  • Your router settings can also get messed up in certain instances. You can monitor the ADSL light on top of the router for a while, and if it blinks, it means there might be an issue with the settings. Contact your service provider if that is the case, and they will be able to solve this in a jiffy.

Use a direct cable

Wi-Fi connections might offer you the flexibility of being able to carry your workstations around with you, but when it comes to purely dedicated internet speeds for gaming, wired connections are still the kings. Wi-Fi connections often limit the bandwidth which can be accessed through them, and the number of connected devices can lower your speeds too as discussed before. Direct wires might look somewhat messy but solve these issues as their potential for offering speeds is many times stronger than Wi-Fi connections. So an Ethernet cable connection should be made a priority, if available, in order to enjoy gaming at its finest.

Incompetent customer service

Customer service is an extremely important aspect of any dependable internet service, especially for E-Gamers. Sometimes the service provider itself is dependable, but due to certain connectivity issues in your local vicinity, you might be facing a problematic connection. Therefore it is important that your service provider has an active customer service team that can provide timely assistance and feedback to customers. This metric is equally important for both parties, the customers as well as the company, and seamless communication between the two can lead to a long-term relationship. Various service providers have identified this need and are, therefore putting in additional effort to facilitate their customers. Spectrum customer service, for instance, is widely known for its dependability and reliability and could be a good option for any gaming enthusiast. Click here to find more.

Acting on the above-discussed solutions might help you get rid of your internet nightmare. Being a gamer and having a poor connection in your gaming environment is absolutely unacceptable, and we know that. So, now you might be able to identify the issue with your connection and solve it ASAP to do what you love, so get gaming!