9 Most Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that a total of 39 million individuals need medical care each year due to various personal traumas.

The third most common cause of mortality in the US is accidental injuries and medical errors. Accordingly, millions of people experience unintended injuries each year. Some of them decide to file personal injury lawsuits to receive compensation.

Accidental injuries come in many forms, some of which have a long-term effect on the lives of the victims. The type of injury determines the type of claim. We’ll examine the most typical personal injury claims in this article.

What is a case of personal injury?

A personal injury case is created when one individual is hurt due to another person’s carelessness or intentional behavior.

Personal injury cases are typically resolved without filing a formal lawsuit, but they sometimes go to trial. Or, even more likely, the parties will decide to resolve their dispute through mediation or arbitration, a process between a trial and a settlement.

1. Car Accident Claims

The majority of personal injury cases in the US involve automobile accidents. Each year, car accidents injure millions of people in the United States. Most of them opt to pursue personal injury lawsuits to obtain compensation.

Drivers who were drunk or irresponsible drivers who were busy with their phones may have contributed to the collision. It might involve automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, buses, or pedestrians. It might be challenging to establish liability in some situations. Thus the victims’ need expert legal aid for representation to easily obtain a legal settlement.

The drivers are held accountable for the accidents in most personal injury claims.

2. Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents involving slips and falls can be very dangerous. They harm the neck, back, limbs, legs, shoulders, and even heads. Fall is the most frequent cause of hip fractures and brain damage.

Some people suffer life-altering irreversible injuries. Victims are compelled to take extended leaves of absence from employment. Making a personal injury claim is essential in such circumstances. A professional legal firm, such as, can fight for  your legal rights.

3. Assault

Personal Injury cases are not always the result of accidents but can involve assaults too. Most assault personal injury claims include injuries caused by firearms, a sign of the increasingly violent nature of society. In contrast to some of the most popular personal injury claims, assaults are not the consequence of negligence.

Assault injuries happen when someone decides to harm another person. An additional criminal element case against the culprit will typically be included in an assault personal injury claim.

4. Medical Malpractice

Patients may suffer severe injuries due to medical malpractice or negligence by nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel. Most medical malpractice personal injury lawsuits start when medical staff members fail to provide adequate care.

Sometimes, even unintentionally, healthcare professionals will make mistakes. Regardless, the patient suffers serious wounds that have a detrimental impact on their lives. Some of the most challenging claims come from these situations-

  • Surgical errors,
  • Birth injuries,
  • Incorrect diagnoses,
  • Poor treatment, and
  • Pharmacy mistakes

5. Workplace Mishaps

Employees who sustain workplace injuries file lawsuits for their injuries. Unsafe working conditions, broken equipment, or a lack of training could contribute to the injuries. This is one of the most common categories that give rise to the most  personal injury claims.

In the US, worker’s compensation covers accidents on the job. When injured workers file personal injury claims, they want damages for things like medical costs and lost wages. Material movers, nursing assistants, trailer drivers, and laborers are a few of the occupations with the greatest rate of workplace accidents.

6. Product Liability

The majority of companies follow strict regulations when manufacturing goods. Before introducing them to consumers, they typically take the initiative to test them. However, certain defective products make it onto the market, which may cause consumers to suffer certain harm.

In case you were hurt due to a faulty or harmful product, you could pursue a personal injury claim against the distributor or the manufacturer of the product.

7. Construction Injuries

Despite being heavily regulated, the construction sector is still dangerous. The physical demands of the work can lead to serious injury. Hazardous equipment, substances, and materials are frequently present on construction sites, with the potential for falling debris and items. There is always a possibility that an accident may occur on a building site.

8. Unjustified Death

A wrongful death lawsuit may be filed when a loved one dies because of personal harm caused by negligence. Unfortunately, wrongful death lawsuits brought about by negligence happen frequently.

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, more than 38,000 people die annually in collisions on US roads. Claims for wrongful death result from many such fatalities.

After a loved one dies in an accident, the family shouldn’t be forced to pay for their medical care or burial costs. If someone you care about dies due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, it is crucial to hire a reputable attorney.

9. Civil Liability for Dog Bite Injuries

A dog owner may be held legally responsible for a bite or other type of injury brought on by the dog, if one (or more) of the following conditions exist-

  • There is a law about dog bites. Most states have “strict liability dog-bite statutes” which hold owners liable for dog bites (and other injuries in some places) regardless of negligence on their part or the dog’s part.
  • The injured party may demonstrate that the dog’s owner was aware of the dog’s tendency for harm. The “one-bite rule,” which holds dog owners accountable for injuries if they knew or should have known that their dogs were likely to cause harm, may apply in states without strict liability dog-bite legislation and may hold owners accountable.
  • The victim can demonstrate that the harm was caused by the dog owner’s negligence. They might do that by showing that the owner left a gate open, allowing the dog to escape and bite the person.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, don’t try to deal with the insurance companies. To fight for the money you need to heal from your injuries, you need an accomplished personal injury lawyer by your side. The lawyer should have combined expertise, in-depth legal knowledge, and superior negotiation skills to win you the compensation you deserve. Get a team of lawyers that have demonstrated success defending the rights of the injured.