Consider These 5 Types of Diamond Jewelry for Your Loved One

Are you looking for diamond jewelry for your loved one? Perhaps an engagement ring, wedding ring, or just something to express your love?

Whatever you’re looking for, here are 5 types of jewelry to consider.

1. A diamond bridal set

Do you want your loved one to have a matching engagement ring and wedding ring? A matching diamond bridal set will look absolutely stunning. For example, you can see an example of a beautiful matching bridal set by clicking here.

A bridal set will enhance your loved one’s engagement ring and make it look just as amazing as their wedding ring. Worn together, they’re an undeniably beautiful symbol of your commitment to each other.

2. A vintage diamond ring

Vintage rings of any kind are always popular. If your loved one prefers vintage jewelry, consider getting them a vintage ring. You’ll find some of the coolest, most unique, and most beautiful settings when looking at vintage rings.

The best place to find any kind of vintage jewelry is through estate sales, auctions, antique stores, flea markets, and garage sales. You can also find pieces online, but you can expect to pay higher prices, especially if you look on eBay or other sites that charge the seller a final value fee.

Although estate sales often have the best pieces, jewelry is the first item to disappear. If you can get to estate sales early, you’ll have first pick when it comes to jewelry. Try to find local estate sales through newspaper ads and classified ads online. Most of the time, they’re advertised in advance and that will give you the chance to be the first in line. If you’re a serious buyer, you may be able to arrange a private meeting with the estate manager to see the jewelry before it’s made available to the public.

Although some contemporary jewelers attempt to mimic the settings from the past, they don’t usually look the same. The style might be similar, but you can always tell a vintage piece because it will be a bit heftier and worn.

As much as you can apply an antique finish to metal, it still doesn’t look the same.

3. Antique diamond earrings

Unlike vintage diamond jewelry, which is generally between 20 and 99 years old, antique jewelry is at least 100 years old. Looking at antique jewelry from the past, you can find some amazing pieces if you look. However, don’t forget to look for jewelry from different countries, as you’ll find many unique styles specific to certain cultures.

Antique diamond earrings, for example, are often long and dangly, whereas contemporary earrings are often studs or don’t hang as low. Victorian-era diamond earrings tend to have intricate designs resembling flowers, which is a nice contrast to simple studs. Other antique earrings look like chandeliers and tear drops.

Consider that 100 or more years ago, the aesthetics were much different. For instance, furniture was more decadent, as were pieces of décor, including lamps and mirrors. Much of the jewelry from these time periods reflect the popular styles of both décor and fashion.

Art Deco jewelry is amazing

Although you can find some really interesting antiques, some of the best diamond earrings are European cut, made in the Art Deco period between 1890 and 1930. Although not all of these will be considered antique, they’re absolutely beautiful.

European cut diamonds directly preceded today’s most popular round brilliant cut diamonds. However, European cut diamonds were cut to achieve a specific carat weight rather than create optimal brilliance. They’re also a bit larger in height and they’re not always symmetrical.

However, a lack of symmetry isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Back then, the cutting tools weren’t as perfect as they are today, but that doesn’t stop these pieces from being somewhat rare, valuable, and sought-after.

Should you buy an imperfect diamond for your loved one? That depends on what they like. Not everyone is into perfect, sparkly diamonds. Your loved one might actually prefer the look of the European cut more than symmetry and shine since the facets are larger and they just look cool. Some people prefer vintage items because of their imperfections. Everyone has different aesthetic preferences.

4. Lab-grown diamond jewelry

Whether you’re looking for a diamond bracelet, wedding band, or earrings, consider buying lab-grown diamond jewelry. Lab-grown diamonds are atomically identical to mined diamonds, and they shine all the same. They’re also more affordable and cost about 40% less than diamonds that are mined.

Although it’s great to save money, avoiding blood diamonds or conflict diamonds is perhaps the best reason to opt for lab-grown diamond jewelry. The diamond mining industry is known for violence. In addition to diamonds funding wars and being used as political bribes, the industry doesn’t treat workers well.

Outside of the United States, diamond miners are provided less-than living wages, poor working conditions, and many miners are forced to pay bribes to their camp guards. If they don’t pay these bribes, they are beaten, tortured, and sometimes killed.

By choosing lab-grown diamonds, you’re supporting an ethical source for your jewelry. You’re not contributing to the pain and suffering that has been rampant in the industry for decades.

5. Custom diamond jewelry

Custom jewelry is one of the best ways to express your love. If you know the settings your loved one likes most, consider having a custom piece of jewelry created. You don’t even have to stop at the setting. You can also get a custom-cut diamond. While there are pre-defined cuts to choose from, you’ll have the ability to choose both the cut and the setting to get the perfect piece of jewelry.

Show your love with diamond jewelry

No matter what type of diamond jewelry you give your loved one, they’ll appreciate your gift because they’ll know it comes straight from your heart. Whether it’s a bracelet or ring, custom or vintage, your loved one will cherish your gift.

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