The Titan Games Episode 2: Highlights and Meet the Cast

All of us who saw episode one of the drama-filled ‘The Titan Games’ last week, were eagerly looking forward to the second episode. Well, the second episode was as good and exciting as the debut one. Hosted by Dwayne Johnson, this NBC show is a platform with a chance for everyone with the ability to unlock their full potential. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘The Titan Games’ episode 2.

Meet the Cast of‘The Titan Games’ Episode 2

Steven Hoppe is a father of four children. He comes with a unique story. After suffering a motorcycle accident, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Luckily, he is currently cancer-free.

Christina Luna is a single mom who lives in Colorado Springs. She is in the Air Force but also works as a dental hygienist. She supports her family and recently bought their first home.

Montez Blair works in business development for Oracle and lives in Santa Monica. He still holds the high jump record of Cornell University where he was enrolled. He is currently training with the aim compete in the 2020 Olympics decathlon.

Robbie Strausslives in Brick, NJ and is a professional wrestler. He is also a stay at home dad to twins.
Bridger Buckley, 22, lives in Pullman, and he’s the youngest competitor on the show. He studies at Washington State University.

Melissa Alcantaralives in Venice, CA and went through a dramatic weight loss journey after giving birth to her daughter. She now works as a personal trainer and she’s very popular on Instagram.

Carla Mirandalives in San Francisco, where she moved from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Nika Sedghi is the daughter of Iranian immigrants and lives in San Diego, CA. She graduatedfrom San Diego State Universitywith honors.

‘The Titan Games’ Episode 2 Highlights

Bridger Buckley showed his versatility and unbelievable strength in both rounds and was the first of the contestants to beat the Mount Olympus obstacle course. He did it with a narrow victory over Steven Hoppe.
Nika Sedghi showed a dominant performance and won a victory over Christina Luna. The first preliminary battle stole the show even though Mount Olympus was considered as the main event. After an exciting matchup with Luna, Melissa Alcantara when to the next round.

However, Alcantara suffered a knee injury and wasn’t able to continue competing. Hence, Luna went to compete in the obstacle course but was defeated bySeghi.

Buckley out lasted Robbie Strauss in the preliminary matchups, while Seghi advanced with the Tower Drop.
Each one of the contestants showed unbelievable strength and endurance, only two of them left the arena as Titans. Buckley and Seghi were both the best in the second episode.