The Truth About What Happened to Lindsay Lohan

Have you heard of Lindsay Lohan lately? We haven’t too! What really happened to Lindsay Lohan? In the early 2000s, everybody loved Lindsay. She was in the spotlight from age three. Before she got her big break with The Parent Trap… She had already appeared in 60 Television advertisements. The success of her first movie landed her roles in more Disney films, including 2003’s Freaky Friday and 2004’s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Then she starred in Paramount’s Mean Girls. In 2005, She had launched her music career. She was destined for success. The New York times even gave her the title of “America’s Favorite Teen”

But we don’t hear about her anymore. Why? As her celebrity status grew, she lost her way. She started spending more time at Dubai. Soon her lifestyle became hot for the media.

In 2007, she was arrested twice. She was found carrying illegal substances. The same year she was sent to rehab. In 2010 she was prisoned for two weeks again for violating probation. Soon she realized where she went wrong.

“I was going out too much, and I knew that, and I have more to live for than that. “She mostly stayed out of the spotlight ever since. She now spends most of her time in Dubai and Mykonos.

When she entered her 30s, Lindsay started a new career. She’s now into clubbing business. She opened the Lohan Beach House club in Mykonos. She has plans for another club in Rhodes.

“There’s a business side to my life now, but I’m not in America, so no one knows about it, which is nice for me. ”

“Because I get to actually focus on the result of things.”

She says she’s now a ‘normal, nice person.’

I don’t have any bad intentions. And my past has to stay in the past”. She says that despite the decades of media coverage… “The public has never known the real Lindsay Lohan at all.”

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