Trump Wants to Leave the White House!

The world crisis everyone is facing at the moment, affects even the biggest leaders.

There are many preventive measures the citizens are advised to follow. Things like good hygiene, disinfection, and self-isolation are effective and crucial. With obeying these measures, everyone is in fact, saving lives. Nevertheless, the experts constantly point out that staying at home is one of the most important preventive measures. These measures apply to all, including the president of the USA. According to some sources, president Trump finds it really hard to stay at the White House during these difficult times.

On March 28th, the president travelled Norfolk, Virginia, and on March 6th he stayed in Florida for three days. Those two short trips have been the only ones, and Trump is apparently frustrated due to the fact that he must follow the rules of self-isolation.

Trump, like everyone else wonders when the crisis will be over. The president seems to be optimistic according to Tim Murtaugh, communications director of Trump’s campaign. He stated “The coronavirus will pass and the president is looking forward to getting back out on the campaign trail and holding rallies. We will get back to those rallies. Never fear, the president is certain that we’re going to be back out there speaking directly to the American people.”

From the White House, it was reported that new ways in which the president may travel are being considered. They are thinking about a safe way in which the president could visit health centers in the USA which have had around 50.000 casualties.

According to NBC one senior administration official said “Like many Americans, the president is looking forward to travel when it is safe to do so.”