Trump-Kim Summit Happening On Sentosa Island


Knowing what is at stake and what we could hear from both current and previous leaders of the U.S. and North Korea, it isn’t hard to understand why the summit that will be held on Singapore’s Sentosa Island is characterized as historic. While most details about June 12 meeting are not confirmed it has been reported that the two will talk in one of the hotels located on the island.

This will be the first summit of the leaders of the two countries and Trump has said that he is satisfied with everything that happened prior to the meeting. Plans are “moving along very nicely,” POTUS stated and added “A lot of relationships being built, a lot of negotiations going on before the trip. It’s very important – it’ll be a very important couple of days.”

According to Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary, five-star Capella Hotel is the place where the summit will be held. It is interesting that both sides will be staying in different hotels. For Kim Jong-un, this will be St Regis Singapore while Mr. Trump will choose Shangri-La Hotel as a place where he already been.

While the island is plagued with dark things from its history, it has become one of the most interesting places for those that have deeper pockets. This is due to its beauty and the fact that so many luxury resorts are located on it, plus it is very close to the main island. You will find golf clubs and private marinas all over the place.

Sentosa Cove that is located on the island is one of the most prestigious residential areas in this country, and it is normal to see multi-million dollar villas with yachts parked and ready to take its owners for a cruise. If you want to spend some time at one of the luxury resorts be prepared to pay at least $500 a night while the prices can go significantly up. For those that hoped to see some of the action and two leaders might be disappointed as there are no available rooms before June 15.

One of the main reasons for choosing Sentosa is its location and the fact that you can access it only by monorail, vehicle tunnel, cable car and a pedestrian causeway. On top of that, if Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un get tired of the talks they can always hit one of many golf courses.


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