Trump/Kim Meeting Might Be Delayed According to POTUS


The way things stand right now the most anticipated political summit of the decade probably won’t happen. The meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un might be delayed, or even canceled according to the US president.

Trump said that North Korea needs to meet all of the requirements in order to have this meeting held on June 12th. NK stated that they are considering canceling the meeting if the US continues to insist on “unilateral denuclearization.” Trump didn’t discuss all the conditions they have prepared for the North but was adamant that “denuclearisation must take place.”

At the moment the summit is still ‘on,’ and it will take place in Singapore.

In mid-time North Korea allowed visas to the South Korean journalists that will oversee the dismantling of the North Korean nuclear test site. They will be accompanied by a team of international media members who will also pay a visit to Pyongyang. The demolition of atomic test sites is considered to be another sign of goodwill from the NK after they released three US pensioners earlier this month.


Talking about the upcoming summit, POTUS said: “We’ll see what happens. There are certain conditions that we want, and I think we’ll get those conditions and if we don’t, we don’t have the meeting. You go into deals that are 100% certain – it doesn’t happen. You go into deals that have no chance, and it happens and, sometimes, happens easily.”

President Trump also noted that North Korean president changed his attitude after visiting China for the second time.

On the other hand, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo adopted a more positive stance by stating that the US is continuing their preparations as the summit is going to happen. Pompeo also credited China for assisting in conversation with North Korea.


The entire talk about North Korea wanting to cancel the summit started when scheduled talks between the North and South were canceled because South Korean military held joint exercises with the US military.

North was further provoked when US national secretary John Bolton made a statement that what awaits NK is the “Libya model” of denuclearization. If you didn’t know, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was killed by rebels sponsored by western countries after he gave up on his nuclear arsenal in 2003.

Even if the summit seems unlikely at the moment, it will probably be held on June 12th in Singapore as both sides have too much to lose if the meeting is canceled.


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