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Trump Kids Net Worth 2021

Nobody expected Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton in the election race three years ago. And despite the two of them had debates, which were honestly, quite ridiculous, they didn’t have much love for each other. However, Hillary did have something nice to say about his opponent – that he had wonderful children.

And while Donald Trump is being criticized on an everyday basis for being a toxic political figure, his kids managed to avoid the scorn of the masses. Nobody is talking poorly of Trump’s children, which is a good thing. But you must be wondering about their net worth and how much it belongs to them out of the massive Trump empire.

The Trump Kids

Considering that Donald Trump is a father figure, these kids are quite rich. But they do not have an equal amount of money. Between them, they are worth almost $1 billion. We will discuss each child individually but you should know there are five of them – Ivanka (married to Jared Kushner), Donald Jr,Eric, Barron and Tiffany.

One thing is for sure – these kids will not miss anything during their lifetime. Read on to learn about each one of Trump’s children, their net worth and what they do for a living.

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Ivanka Trump – $740 million

Ivanka works as an entrepreneur as well as White House special helper. She and her husband Jared Kushner have lived a fantastic life so far and between them, the net worth is incredible $740 million. The two of them have a bunch of privately-owned businesses together and they are both working in the White House.

Some Americans are bothered with the fact that Ivanka didn’t step aside from her private doings for the time she is spending in the White House. But truth be told, she is not the president.

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Donald Trump Jr. – $200 million

Ever since his father assumed office, Donald Trump Jr. has been in the most trouble. However, that is not quite important here as we are discussing his net worth. As a Vice President at the Trump Organization, Donald Jr. has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

He is currently in charge of the family business, together with his brother Eric and e oversees the company’s properties. That earns him a fat paycheck each month.

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Eric Trump – $150 million to $300 million

Donald Jr. Is not the only Vice President at the Trump Organization – Eric is the one too! As we have already mentioned, the brothers are in charge now and just like Donald Jr. Erik himself is quite rich. His estimated net worth goes all the way up to $300 million.

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Barron – N/A

Barron is Trump’s youngest child and he is currently 11. His personal net worth is impossible to calculate since he doesn’t have any role in business yet. Currently, Barron is in school, but he will start walking the paved road to follow his brothers and sisters.

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Tiffany Trump – $600,000

Tiffany is older than Barron as she is currently a student. Out of all Trump kids, she is perhaps the one whose exposure in the media is quite small. She graduated from college and continued her studies at law school. Even though she is still working her way to the real world, already her net worth can be estimated at approximately $600,000.

As you can see all of the Trump kids are quite successful at what they do. They earn a lot, which is not surprising considering that they are running a family business which Donald Trump took to a whole new level before he became President.