How To Get Smarter With Trivia Quizzes and Brain Games

If you want to get smarter, you’re in the right spot. However, bear in mind that there’s a lot involved in this. You have to be willing to commit yourself and your time and effort to gain more from this quest. Below are some highlights of the tips to get you started.

Getting Smarter with Trivia Quizzes

Using Trivia quizzes can go a long way in making you smarter. Trivia quizzes are highly beneficial in developing your mind. The fun quizzes help in retaining newly gained knowledge. Undertaking as many trivia questions will significantly help in reinforcing memory retainment and cognitive functions.

With many available resources and platforms for taking trivia quizzes, it is fair to say that coming across trivia questions is much easier. Note that anyone can attempt trivia quizzes.

If you want to broaden your general knowledge and get smarter, consider visiting the following trivia platforms;

For example, you can get smarter with Quiz Beez – This is a new platform of Edutainment (Education + Entertainment) that can help you get smarter. It is free to use and includes trivia quizzes on various subjects such as History, Geography, Science, Human Body, Animals, Holidays, and much more. It can also allow you to take free IQ tests with instant results to improve your numerical reasoning, logical skills, verbal intelligence, and practice for an aptitude test.

There are applications available in the App store that feature game show styles, including live hosts that ask your questions. In many games, those who don’t give correct answers are eliminated, while those who answer correctly proceed to the next level.

Also available in the Google play store, there are mobile applications that can show you your score and ranking. By answering more questions faster than any other player you will get more points. Usually, the one who scores more points is the winner.

Attempting trivia questions also comes with an added advantage, i.e., reduced stress levels resulting from lowering cortisol levels. But, again, it is because while you’re undertaking trivia quizzes, your mind is engaged in thinking different things simultaneously.

Doing as many and complex trivia questions helps you in tapping from the undiscovered potential in your mind. So if you’re struggling with getting smarter, doing trivia quizzes is the way to go.

Getting Smarter with IQ Tests

You already know that IQ tests are part of education. However, IQ tests can also be used out of schooling for self-improvement, e.g., increasing your intellect. So, how can use IQ tests to get smarter?

Trying Multiple Online IQ tests

There are many websites with IQ tests that you try out and see how well you perform. With the opportunity to a plethora of options to choose from, you must take as many IQ tests as possible.

That way, your brain will get used to the new challenges you’re subjecting it to by forming other neural pathways. The formation of these neural pathways will gradually increase your IQ, thus making you smarter. Some of the sites you can visit to flex your brain muscles are;

There are many sites that can help you to get started, they need your birth date. Many of these questions are chosen based on one true or false question. After you’re done, you’ve shown your IQ level along with correct answers to the questions. You can take many IQ tests and get an immediate score together with a full summary of your IQ test.

Gradual Advancing to Complex IQ Tests

When starting, you should make sure you’re starting from the level you’re comfortable with. Then, once you feel conversant with the low-level IQ tests, you move to the next level.

There are different ways in which IQ levels are measured, i.e., your speed, number of correct answers, and level of reasoning in open-ended questions. Ensure you’re comfortable with the above techniques for an easy transition.

Reading and Research

By now, you should know that reading and doing extensive research increases your chances of improving your IQ test skills.

Most IQ tests are based on what you read. Since most IQ tests are based on particular subjects, e.g., biology, Music, Math, and many more, ensure you research well on the field of your choice.

If you like the generalized IQ tests that combine a couple of subjects, you’ll have to do more research.

Getting Smarter with Brain Games

Brain games can increase your brain performance significantly. The more brain game you play, such as riddles or puzzles, exposes your brain to multiple problem-solving angles. Also, training your brain using this technique boosts your cognitive performance.

Remember, to get smarter, you have to engage your brain with these games constantly. If you have no idea where to start, below are some games you can choose from.

  • Video games: When playing video games, you advanced from the easiest to the most challenging level, which means that you’re solving a problem at every level. Playing video games over longer periods can increase your intelligence tremendously.


  • Chess: Chess is among the most popular intelligence games. It’s a brain game commonly played by intelligent people. Surprisingly, chess can improve your decision-making, strategic thinking, and more.


  • Riddles: Riddles are the most common brain games easy to come by, e.g., crossword puzzles and others. The main advantage of using riddles is that you can improve memory development and attention skills. Riddles can also boost your intelligence through solution-oriented thinking, vocabulary, communication skills, and general knowledge.


  • Matching pair card game: Being one of the most popular games by people of any age group, this game improves memory. In this memory-boosting game, you play by trying to match pairs of cards. Most of the games are widely available online and offline except for checking pair card games, which are not commonly available on the web.

To make the game more interesting. Play along with someone. For example, when playing video games, choose one in which you’re both virtual enemies.

Do not limit yourself to a particular set of games. You can also try other games that you haven’t played before, e.g., chess or sudoku. Ensure that when playing, you stick to the end. If you leave, e.g., hanging puzzles in a crossword puzzle, you might lose motivation.

Overall thought

Now, you can gauge how you want to go about the above methods. Following the above tips and staying consistent will help improve your intellectual abilities tremendously. However, the key to the lock of your untapped potential is commitment and persistence.

For whatever reason, you wanted to get smatter; now you know. However, knowing and applying are two different things. For the above information to help you become more intelligent, you have to apply it effectively.

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