Trends in Visual Identity Design in 2024

Preferences in logo design are always changing, and there is no formula for determining which style of logo will be accepted and which will be ignored. After all, every year technology and the situation in the world dictate different trends in logo design.

Our time is extremely amazing: everything around us is changing and moving forward by leaps and bounds. This is especially evident in the latest logo design trends, as new topical trends are established on the previous ones.

For the brand to be worthy of the competition on the market, there are several things to pay attention to, including the task to finalize its logo following all the requirements of 2024. If you look at the last few years, you can easily see a trend of change.

In 2018, creative designers focused on motion graphics and animation when designing a logo. In 2019, the focus shifted to digital and mobile technology to create a unique logo design. And in 2020 and 2021, designers are putting more emphasis on virtual and augmented reality. So what has become a major trend in 2024?

In this article, we’ll look at the main features of the style, fonts, and colors of the most relevant logos today. After all, creating a unique and individual trademark-eligible design is crucial for any business. And the experts at will help you determine how to update your logo as effectively as possible.


Simplicity is not just a fashion trend in 2024, but also a great solution for the realization of many styles. The key to the success of simplicity, which does not give up its position, is based on three basic principles – practicality, comfort, and aesthetics.

Simple shapes will be one of the hottest and most important logo design trends in 2024. It’s something that never goes out of style because customers prefer logos they can easily recognize and remember, and brand promotion is all about remembering.

Navigating the design will be easy and consistent if a logical priority is followed. Audiences won’t have trouble understanding the logo, but the designer must be able to highlight important information correctly.

Another benefit of this direction is the ability to give the viewer’s eyes a chance to rest. Today we are surrounded by too many graphics and texts, unnecessary details, and bright colors, and simplicity and laconic shapes will help soften these “overweight” and muffle them.

By following this tendency, labels will be able to get attractive and simple, yet still, et-catching logo designs that will more easily attract new customers and reflect the values and essence of the brand – moving with the audience and its interests.

Also, simple shapes provide unique brand logo contours and help make it easier to develop a brand image for different websites or companies. This is the main reason why there will be many unique and simple logos competing to attract the attention of customers in 2024.


According to the analysis, in 30% of cases, entrepreneurs prefer to see only the lettering on the logo of their organization, in 65% – graphics and text. In 5% of cases – the logo is developed in the form of an icon on the demand of the client. So the Style and the choice of font play an important role in creating brand aesthetics.

In 2024, you may see logos that lift the text from the words that support the image to the focal point. These are quirky and bold fonts that are well complemented by bright accents.

Overlapping letters, “breaking up” parts of them, incompleteness, hollowness in the lines, and faded segments in their color will all draw the viewer’s attention to the logo.

Merging letters helps a brand create a more unique and standout logo. This is one of the best-predicted trends for 2024 because it gives brands the creative freedom to engage audiences in a way that stays within the brand.

But here, as in many other things, it is important not to go overboard. The lettering needs to remain recognizable. Audiences shouldn’t be at a loss to guess which brand they’re dealing with. She needs to remember it and recognize it next time. To turn ordinary lettering into an original one, you just need to change the font or spelling. For example, increase or decrease the size of the letters, “build” geometric shapes from them or change the thickness, creating the illusion of volume.

Such a method is universal and suits everyone who wants to modernize the text logo. It is enough to choose one or more fonts that reflect the character of the brand and think about how to use variations of their lettering. To complete the design, choose a color that conveys your message.



Bright colors in the gamut of the 90s, neon shades, and three-dimensional gradients are the main color trends in logo design 2024. Gradient solutions are gaining in popularity, because with their help any company can be made dynamic and unique, adding volume and movement to even the simplest geometric shapes. Gradients emphasize the contrast of shades in the color scheme.

The voluminous gradient emblems look good on websites and tv ads but are also dense when printed. The designers enjoy playing with gradient hues, as they give many opportunities to play with, creating extraordinary images out of minimalist shapes and modest compositions.

Since the main design trend today is simplicity and minimalism, a bright color solution will be the best balancing feature of a simple straight graphic element on your new logo, and the perfect complement to an interesting font or merging letters.