4 Ways to know if a Travel Site is Crypto-friendly


Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, each of us would like to go somewhere at any moment. A trip is the thing that each of us needs the most. First of all, to clear his mind, then to take a walk outside his country and get to know a new location, people or culture, but also to enjoy life through the traveling adventures that are always the most interesting. Although the pandemic is in full swing, countries are paying attention to the health of their citizens and reducing the spread of the virus, yet the borders are open for tourists who can go anywhere only with a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test.

As we have already said, despite the presence of the virus, people still travel adhering to the rules imposed by the countries they want to visit, but also adhering to the main rules to stay protected from the virus. So every day they are looking for an offer for a new tourist adventure that they could go on. There are a number of travel agencies and travel sites that offer deals for the whole world, from the exotic islands to the beautiful largest cities in the world. They differ in the offers and the prices they offer for a specific arrangement, but they also differ in one more thing, and that is whether the site is crypto-friendly.

What is crypto and which sites are crypto-friendly? Crypto is an abbreviation for cryptocurrencies which are types of invisible, ie virtual currencies that are available on the Internet. These are the currencies that break all the records of popularity, first of all in terms of value, and then in terms of trading, something you can find out more about by clicking on These are the invisible currencies that determine the course of events to some extent, and more recently they also determine the conditions of the game. How do they determine the conditions of the game? Easy and simple! These are valuable coins that with their value can be used for literally everything, and even as a means of payment for travel. That’s right, even travel agency sites and tourism sites, in general, are starting to offer cryptocurrency options to make it accessible to virtually anyone who wants to travel, even those who have cryptocurrencies and want to use them. pay. With this, you know that there are also crypto-friendly sites. But how to recognize them? Surely this is a new question that bothers you and gives you a reason to think. Because you do not know the answer we researched and found out the answers for you. So let’s see together, how do you know if a site is crypto-friendly.
  1. If one of your friends who trade cryptocurrencies has paid through that site – it often happens that two friends start trading cryptocurrencies at the same time and together they support each other in trading. In addition, they often share tips and new opportunities related to the crypto world. This way you can easily find out from your friend who trades in crypto if there is any news, especially if that news refers to a site that offers travel arrangements that you can pay in cryptocurrencies. That would be perfect news for you, wouldn’t it? So if you find out about such an opportunity, use it and see what it is like to pay for a trip with cryptocurrencies.
  2. If you have seen it on one of the crypto sites as a recommendation to buy a holiday arrangement that you will pay in cryptocurrencies – there are a number of sites that are related to the crypto world, so on them you can often find ads that are related with crypto or to find recommendations for sites where you can make transactions with crypto. Here, too, you can easily find out if any of the travel agencies or any of the online travel services offer payment with the virtual currencies that are available for excavation, but also for trading with them.
  3. If there is an agreement for cooperation with e-wallet sites – as we already know, an e-wallet is needed to store cryptocurrencies. It is good for storage, but it is also good for crypto security because there are a huge number of hackers and fraudsters on the Internet who can easily take away your virtual money. Otherwise, these e-wallets often look for new alternatives for their users who want to make transactions in crypto and that is why they make new and new cooperation agreements. Because they make new and new collaborations every day, you need to be up to date with them, because it is very easy to find a tourist site in one of these collaborations, where you may be able to pay with crypto.
  4. If they emphasize this in their promotional activities – as we already know, every business is obliged to invest enough money in promoting their business and in promoting the offers offered by their business. This applies to all possible types of businesses, especially travel agencies. In addition to advertising the arrangements, it is desirable to do promo activities that will relate to the operation itself, so through their promo activities you can easily find out and if the site through which you can buy an arrangement you can pay with crypto coins. Thus, in addition to the standard customers, the promo activities will be brought by those who pay with cryptocurrencies.

It should be noted that crypto friendly is any travel site that has the ability to transfer cryptocurrencies from your e-wallet to the e-wallet of the site and thus pay for the arrangement or any other service provided by the travel site itself. . So follow the news implemented by these sites and be aware if any of them in the meantime will transform into a true friend of you and the cryptocurrencies by offering them as a payment option. Stay up to date with the news and use it as soon as it appears!