Top Ten-Rated Tourist Attractions in El Gouna

El Gouna is an engaging city that’ll provide you with filtered vibes that’ll act as the most organic herbs ever, healing all your stress by saving you a place between the many levels of the enchanting adventures that it offers! The city sells, whole and in retail, experiences that are worth a lifetime of appreciation. Furthermore, it works as a one-of-a-kind satellite that broadcast different kinds of shows and auditions for people to tune in and watch. The National Geographic Show will be a living reality wherein you’ll dive and see all the marine creatures that the show has been showing off behind screens. In addition, you’ll get the chance to indulge in the local market, and all what comes with it, at some point in your trip to purchase the unique goods the El Gouna coax travelers to buy! Feel free to visit Tours From Hurghada, one of the top travel agencies on the Red Sea, which offer fabulous El Gouna excursions that include the following:

1. Let Your Trip Flourish with a Glass Bottom Boat Adventure at El Gouna Coast

There are so many diverse unique ways in which you can connect straight ahead to the ecosystem and the marine environment, however, a glass-bottom boat adventure might be the most marvelous way of them all. The adventure will get you to the other side of the world wherein the most heaven carousels underwater are being held, cause, what else can you use to describe the different types of marina creatures each offering a different show of magnitude on their own?

You can still reach out and communicate with the oceanic creatures even with a see-through glass barrier blocking the way. The time of your trip will be all yours to watch and follow with your eyes the illusional paths the organisms choose to swim in. You’ll find them showing off what beauty lay under their fins and how slick and smooth the texture that decorates their physical forms are.

2. Have a Taste of the Bluish Sky and the Turquoise Water by Going Kitesurfing on Bellevue Beach

There’s one element that’ll always be your dearest friend as the time of your trip ticks by, that’s “expectation”. Preparing for this trip, you should prepare your mind to expect something epic and extraordinary to happen on your trip every passing hour. A fair number of charms will be anticipating you during the trip to link their dots together unfolding to you the most elegant kitesurfing adventure you can have. Kitesurfing comes among the elite sports you can do and see the depiction of grandeur unfold before your eyes while enjoying it!

You’ll be kitesurfing in an atmosphere painted by a whole spectrum of blue with all its different shades and hues. Blue has always been a reference and unique sign of open spaces, freedom, and imagination, and you’ll get the chance to study every reference of them with perception floating in the blue sky and relishing in the turquoise blue waters under you. Be supported by the safety belt around your waist, a skating boarding beneath your feet, and let the parachute go with the flow to the sky’s heavens in which you’ll act as a kite that dots the horizon!

3. Don’t Miss A Stunning Karting Adventure

Nothing can ever stop those who are keen on lifetime challenges when they face one, which is why the karting adventures exist. Going karting will cloud your mind with a sense of competition that’ll control you until the very end of the trip. Live the challenge while hearing the four wheels of the tubular frame’s vehicle swivel just a couple of inches beneath rubbing the battlefield with the engine keeping on purring loudly in the field’s background. Keep your head secured under the see-through shield hamlet while getting ready to launch, speed up, and draw a path on the length of the track to live your most wild adventure!

4. Let the Air Spin You Around and Experience Windsurfing on Zeytouna Beach Island

It’s one of the many dreams you used to have as a child that will come into reality. A dream wherein you used pieces of paper and started folding them here and there in different angles and dimensions to finally get to build up a surfing paper boat! Your adventure will turn your childhood paper boat into a more pulled-together sturdy one so it can welcome your weight on its space. And instead of the silhouettes of what was supposed to be the body of a boat, you’ll be provided with a real one with a board, a boom, and a mast to it. Start your excursion by getting on the board and holding onto the boom that’s propped against a mast and many threads and strings attached in between. The wind will be your compass and the waves are your engine that’ll take control of the boat, all while feeling the lukewarm water of Zeytouna Beach Island waters tickling with your feet!

5. Go Golfing in Steigenberger Golf Resort

Steigenberger Golf Resort will make you build steel ample and wide bridge that, at the end of it, you’ll be welcomed by fields of distinctive shades of luxury. The resort has it all, from the greenish squares to the milky spotless waters of the most extravagant beaches and swimming pools ever, which your adventure will be surrounded with. You get in a pair of golf spikes shoes, put on your club head cover and gloves, grab your golf equipment, and then you’re all ready to go off. The resort’s serene and tranquil settings will clear your mind from stress if there was any. The first rush of adrenaline will pulse through your body on planting each of the tees on the green square and aligning your body with the wedge in hand to the tee beneath, all in a professional style, nailing an accurate golf posture! Fill your lung with the fresh air of the resort then score your goal! No matter how many goals you can get, you’ll be never able to have enough of the most phenomenal scenes that breathe you in and out!

6. Sliders Cable Park Has Terrific Selections of Water Sports

Sliders Cable Park has a number of sports that will shake you awake to feel the most glistening sparks of fun and entertainment ever, especially if it has all types of water sports that fit all classifications of enthusiasts! The park will paint the atmosphere with a brush full of yellow, filling it with joy while going waterskiing, kitesurfing, and snowboarding. Every time you fall down and stand up next pulling yourself together for another round of whatever sport you selected, you’ll find yourself losing to unique challenges that the parks’ sliders embody. Children can team up with each other to have fun to their hearts’ content, and grown-ups can seek a more different wilder adventure to follow the rhythm of, which is all the essence of the park; proving sports that go with all ages and tastes! You can also bathe in the soothing atmosphere of one of the exquisite beaches there for a nap or a sunbathe in which the sun will tone your skin a honey color!

7. Devour a Bedouin Dinner while Spotting the Twinkling Stars at the Sahara

Night in the Eastern Sahara is when you’ll get the feeling of stepping into a coloring book that has rare paintings with sophisticated detailed designs that are out-of-this-world. You’ll find the Sahara’s phenomena make you doubt nature’s limits of creativity and magic. Your mind will go blank, will just be full of so numerous questions and exclamation marks gazing at the so many dazzling stars that take the Sahara’s sky at their shelter.

Further, your mind will reel from how many times you wondered which constellations each of the stray stars belong to, or even more, what heaven you’ll get if you were to connect them all together with lines that are just in your, providing you a hypnotizing scene that only you’ll be able to see.

You’ll get to see the stars in a way that you did not even know exist, and could not wrap your head around the serenity that will get to it. Moreover, you’ll find the urge to take a place between them to see how they managed to team up and provide scenes that came to take breaths away! And then you can have a savory Bedouin Dinner while trying to eavesdrop on what godly language those heavens use to connect with each other!

8. Participate in Marina Street Festival

So many temptations will try to reach out, pulling you forward like a magnet, which you’ll apply with a blinding smile on your face as soon as you take your first step inside Marina Street Festival with the glory and grandeur it holds within. You’ll witness different shows coming into life, stunts, gymnastics, Egyptian-oriented dancers including belly dancers and Tanoura dancers, that’ll blow your mind and take your breath away! So many golden skills applied to the festival will keep you on your toes making you anticipate more.

Dancers getting ready to show off what they dedicated the majority, if not all, of their time to, presenting a bewitching striking show that’ll make your jaw drop, skills that have been acquired after years and years of training and experience to make them ones that worth treasuring. Furthermore, you’ll be tracking, along with other locals and travelers, traditional local shops and fancy restaurants and malls, which are the part that’ll help you carve every moment, vibe, and event, that sent your brain soaring and heart beating with eagerness, on your mind.

9.Have a Peaceful Walk at the Beach and Watch the Sunset on Mayhmya Island

A walk at Mayhmya Island’s beach while watching the sunset has managed to rebel against all the lines that were set to define beauty. Being thrown with different tones and colors while the sun is setting, will be such a tragic scene that’ll summon different feelings from the depths of your heart. With every inch the sun takes fading into the horizon, you’ll find yourself giving up to a new feeling and state, whether it’s tranquility, awe, or peace.

And with the island’s waves crashing into each other splashing you slightly with flushing water, comes the cherry on the top. There’ll be sealed memories and feelings in your head that’ll you never get rid of. With your drink in hand, golden smooth grains under your feet, and the breeze, you’re more than ready to let go of any stress and start fresh with a rebounded mood. It’ll be the second-best thing that’ll bring your mood up, with the first being exploring and doing all the activities and sports that the island targets the travelers’ delight and eagerness with! It’s an atmosphere made for lovers and couples to have heart-to-heart conversations encircled by all elements of soothing and easiness.

10. Include a Snorkeling Trip in Your Plans in the Giftun Island’s Waters

A snorkeling trip is the abbreviation of refined magnificence being unfolded underwaters. It’s wherein you’ll be passed to the most dazzling creatures in the Red Sea at Gitfun Island. Creatures that’ll alternate between washing you with the softness of their touches and sticking to you with their full-of-stripe bodies. Put in your snorkeling mask along with your fins and call for a race with the marine organisms. Pick up a pace and paddle hard with your fins and start tracking the first marine creature you lay your eyes on.

Speed up to win the chance of stroking and patting their beauty, furthermore, getting close enough to spot and sense the invisible rays of tenderness that break out of them underwater. And soon after, multiple reefs and corals will be joining the show wherein every inhale and exhale from them, the dominating atmosphere will be turned into a place of art! Dive more to step on the lines that stand in the way of satisfying your eyes and all your other senses.


El Gouna has been growing so many buds since it first existed, that, now, every bud grew into a certain level of splendor and charm. Buds that kept on growing, turned into petals that captive travelers with all their colors which every color defines a specific stunning adventure, from ruby to emerald.