Top 9 Essentials for Every Garage

The garage often seems to be one of the favorite places in the house for many men. It’s their own corner where they like spending some time and taking care of their four-wheeled friend. For car lovers, this place represents leisure time, mind-resting and their own world of crafts and DIY projects. Yes – they even use it to make things, repair stuff and for being creative there in general.

Apart from that, many of them simply don’t trust car mechanics or don’t want to spend a lot of time in workshops, so they have all that built within their home. It’s for this reason that piles of both necessary and unnecessary stuff are often deposited in this part of the house. Sometimes it might happen that you have a huge number of unneeded objects there that only clutter the space, but miss basic things.

It doesn’t matter if you love cars or not – every garage should have some essentials. It’s for sure that everyone would like to have full equipment, but not everyone can afford it. Whether you’ve just moved into a new house and you seek a couple of useful pieces of advice or you decided to tidy up your existing place – this is for you.

1. Some spare tires

You drove through the city. Everything was perfect, but suddenly, on your way home, you start feeling bumps and hearing weird noise coming from the bottom. You come home and there it is – a nice, charming flat tire, all yours. In those emergency cases, it’s always good to have a spare tire and additional tools and to know how to fix it. You never know when situations like this can surprise you, so it’s very important to be ready for them.

Also, when the seasons change, laws and rules require another type of tires. Depending on what season it is, you should have a pair of summer or winter tires. Now you’ll probably ask: but why should I get them in advance? The answer is simple – they’ll cost you much more and become even more expensive as the season approaches.

2. Basic tools or a toolbox

These things are inevitable in any private workshop when you want to do some repairs by yourself. Screwdrivers, nails, scissors and pliers of various shapes are useful in lots of situations, not only when you have some repairs to be done on your car, but also with other crafts. Among other purposes, when you get tired, you can always use any of them to open a bottle of your favorite beer.

The best thing to do is to create your own toolbox that’ll always have its special place in your garage. Collect some wrenches, hammers, screws and make your own little selection. Not only does it come in handy, but it’ll also make the mechanic and other works much more easier and fun..

3. Power tools

Next to those smaller, hand-held tools, it’s a great idea to also have those that function with the help of electricity and conserve your physical strength. They serve for doing certain tasks that our arms are simply unable to do. You need to make a hole on the wall, to hang a painting, to make a chair? Then the electric drill is a must. It’s a crucial thing for DIY projects in the garage and also for things like organizing and fixing shelves and other furniture in our house. You could also use a helping hand of an impact driver, a rotary multi-tool, circular saw, or angle grinder.

Lately, wireless power tools became very popular – all those cables can’t distract you anymore and it’s very practical to work with them as they reach some rather inaccessible places, and above all, save your nerves.

And what about welders? There are bunches of manufacturers who produce decent ones, but you definitely need to visit here and make sure you found the best one. They have different types of multi-process and multi-purpose welders – you’ll know right away that you’re looking at the right place.

4. Floor jack

In cases when you need help to raise your car from the ground while changing a tire, this tool will be crucial in your garage. When buying one for yourself, pay attention to choosing the one that fits the weight of your vehicle. Remember to never get in the car when you have only this device under – it has to be supported.

This thing ensures that the car won’t fall on you while working under it and it’s definitely one of the items that you shouldn’t miss in any case.

5. Fire extinguisher

Well, one never knows when they can find themselves in dangerous situations. And what matters then is that we need to remain safe and protected in order to avoid becoming a victim of various kinds of accidents. At one moment you can be under your car fixing something and at the other, you can be in the middle of the fire.

Having in mind this possibility, a fire extinguisher seems to be a rather logical part of the garage gear. Yeah, we know – people usually don’t feel like spending their money on such a thing. They mostly think they won’t need it. But as we’re never sure about such occasions, it won’t hurt if you simply get one – just in case.

6. Car care products and chemicals

Most men simply love taking care of their cars and make others turn after it. In case this is what you want, you need to be aware of the fact that your machine will need some high-quality products if you want it to be in good condition.

A good garage should always have some glass cleaners and some regular ones, products for leather seats cleaning, liquid wax, shine protection coating, sponges, car wash shampoos, car polishing products, etc.
Also, if you want to keep your workspace clean too, you need to maintain it – and this type of chemicals will be useful too.

7. Good lights

Car repair could be very complicated as many parts of the vehicle consist of tiny pieces. This can affect our eyesight badly. Because of that, you should also think about getting some solid lights and flashlights and keep them within this space.

Working with tools and machines without these elements can also have big consequences for our physical state. We could hurt ourselves, so this is the priority thing to buy if you’re starting to organize this part of the house.

8. Storage place

One always needs a corner to keep all the mentioned stuff above. In case you don’t want to have a big mess in your worksite, you can simply fix a wood shelf in one part of the garage and keep everything neat.

Some machines could hang on the wall: make sure you keep all the nails in small boxes. You can use the storage corner to divide all the tools by type – this way you’ll never have to search for any of them. Use your imagination, be creative, and make your space look neat.

9. First aid

And – the last but not least thing which is must-have in every garage is first aid. Sometimes you cut yourself, burn your fingers or get bruises while working – and in case that happens, there must be a basic selection of essential medicines, bandages, and alcohol. Those items are something you’ll always need in order to help yourself in those cases. In case you haven’t obtained one yet, don’t wait and buy one immediately.

Depending on the purpose of the garage, every man knows what he actually needs. So this list could be larger and based on everything one requires for making their own car & craft corner, but it’s always good to start from fundamental parts. What makes things even better is that you can always expand your range of tools and assets while getting proud of the super cool garage kingdom you’ve built!

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