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Top 8 playground equipment you need to add to your yard

Summer has finally arrived! Whether you are planning on taking a trip or you want more activities for your children, there is always something that everyone can agree on – it is necessary for kids to spend time playing outdoors! From fun tree swings to wooden playhouses, here are 8 outdoor toys to keep your kids busy in the backyard during summer. Here is what you might want to consider getting.

A wooden playhouse

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A strong, lovely playhouse is an investment that will definitely pay off in years of creative and fun play for everyone from toddlers to kids that already started school. You could opt for one that is large enough for several kids to play in, yet a compact one that will fit in a tiny backyard. You could choose one that is made from cedar wood and that features windows, a working door, and flower boxes. If you want something extra, add a chalkboard and a doorbell that works.

A set of gardening tools

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Even the smallest gardeners will need the right tools to help their mommy get the job done! Wooden + metal tool will work (and look) just like the real thing and you could choose some that are made from natural ingredients without the toxic finishes and paints. Your kids will love helping you and getting their hands and clothes dirty all summer long. They will also help the little ones develop their motor skills.

A sensory table

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As you know, sensory tables are staples in every preschool classroom and they should be in your yard too. They are great for stimulating the children’s senses and will facilitate creativity, play, as well as exploration. Try getting one that has a sand and water table, with a section for each on either of the sides.

A pool!

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There is not a lot of things to say here other than kids could not be more obsessed with having their own pool! Get one that is 5.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall, hence it will be big enough for you and the kids will be able to stay cool all summer. And not to mention that there are various fun designs that your kids will love.

Sidewalk chalk

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Creating interesting and fun sidewalk drawings is a true summer leisure time activity. Choose a giant bucket that has non-toxic chalk stick with various chalk eggs, ball-shaped chalk sticks, chalk holders, and you might even look for one that has stencils in the set. A bucket of chalks will provide hours of outdoor fun for your kids.

A giant sprinkler

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Nothing states that it is summer better than a giant, inflatable sprinkler in your yard. These playful sprinklers stand almost 6 feet tall and they are great for cooling off during the long, hot summer days. You can find these sprinklers in a wide range of designs, so you can get something that your kids will love.

A jumper

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If you want a jumping toy for your little ones, but you do not want to stay outside and watch them while they are, for example, jumping on a risky trampoline, you could choose a jumper! According to, these jumpers are really bouncy, super safe, and extremely fun! Choose one that is sized for smaller kiddos and that can handle multiple jumpers at the same time.

A rope swing

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A rope swing will definitely take you back to the times when everything was simpler and will remind you of the period when you were a child. There are various, handmade swings that can easily be tied to branches for hours of outdoor fun.


These toys will definitely keep your kids busy during the long summer days and will allow them to have endless fun.

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