Top 5 Trucking Companies that Hire Felons

Felons face serious challenges in finding employment. A lot of companies practice strict reservations regarding recruitment of felons in their workforce. Now, that’s sad. As humans, we are flawed, and we tend to commit mistakes or crimes. But if someone has acknowledged his fault, has served the deserved sentence and now wants to start afresh- he or she should be given another chance. The good thing is the trucking industry do believe in helping felons to relive their life. Yes, you can earn your living as a truck driver even if you are a felon. There are some truck driving firms who have made a place for felons inside their workforce. While some of these firms follow certain conditions while recruiting, many of them are open for anyone. The only criterion for them is the job seeker should have the capacity and skill needed to be a good truck driver.

The post below sheds light on the top 5 trucking firms which recruit felons, and you can check full list of companies that employs convicted felons.

Boyd Bros Transportation


Headquartered at Clayton, Alabama, Boyd Bros is one of the most reliable names when you are looking for employment as a felon. The firm operates across the eastern 2/3rds of the US and is primarily engaged in the transportation of steel products and building materials.

It’s to note here, Boyd Bros recruits felons who carry convictions which are minimum five years old. Apart from this, the firm does not impose any other restriction on their potential recruits. The only thing required from a job seeker here is knowledge and experience of clean truck driving.

However, Boyd Bros is extremely particular about its values.

All the employees of the company are expected to observe all the standards maintained by the company always but in their comparison Fleet Logging has more on trucker fuel cards. Boyd Bros commands a vast fleet which eventually means the greater scope of employment opportunities here. The firm has even made serious investments in advanced facilities to upgrade its services in recent times. Added to trucking, Boyd Bros is also into logistic services as well as relevant support services.

Barr-Nunn Transportation


Another viable employer for felons, Barr-Nunn Transportation, offers comfortable job opportunities or ex-convicts. The company is flexible to recruit felons who carry convictions which are minimum 7 years old. However, it’s to note here, Barr-Nunn needs its job seekers to hold minimum 12 months of professional experience as a truck driver to qualify for recruitment here.

The company is extremely careful about safety. It even extends safety bonuses to employees who maintain safety standards to the T. Then, the company also provides life insurance coverage to permanent drivers. Barr-Nunn pays weekly salaries to its truck drivers, and the payment is directly deposited into drivers’ accounts. With better pay, advanced machines, amazing bonuses and great working hours, Barr-Nunn is a much-coveted employer.

Roehl Transport

Roehl is another major name when a felon is looking for a job in the trucking industry. The company recruits felons who carry convictions which are minimum 7 years old. A great part about working with Roehl Transport is the provision of expert training for hired employees. The company also provides various other career development opportunities.

Roehl commands a huge fleet and hence can cater to a vast range of job seekers. It’s said that you will always find an opening in the company if you meet its criteria.

Apart from driving, Roehl Transport also operates in logistics services, including warehouse and cold storage. It even serves as a brokerage firm.

Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation is one of the biggest names in the USA trucking sector. The company hires felons who carry convictions which are minimum 10 years old. Akin to the previous option mentioned above, the firm extends drivers training to its recruits. It’s to stress here, Swift Transportation houses one among the broadest rosters of highly skilled drivers and a vast range of fleet.

Swift Transportation extends various including- Canada trips & services, flatbed, dry van as well as heavy-haul driving.

Hunt Transportation


A name of big repute across the American trucking scene, Hunt Transportation operates around the nation with offices all over North America. The firm hires felons who carry convictions which are minimum 10 years old. Additionally,  a potential job-seeker here should carry a minimum 12 years of professional experience as a truck driver.

Hunt Transportation mostly specializes in the flatbed trucking services. It offers weekly job openings for regional, national & home jobs. Employees love the company for its excellent job opportunities and highly maintained trucks that make driving even safer for them.

As a new driver, you will receive an orientation package that will help you to start your life afresh. In fact, Hunt is always a lucrative employer for its fat packages that carry lumpsum pays/mile.

The bottom line is you can still hope for a new lease of life despite being a felon.

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