Top 5 Tips for Attracting a Married Woman

Attracting and seducing married women is challenging. It’s even more challenging if they’re upper class or very serious. Relying on overused pickup lines or love quotes is not going to do you any good. Instead, you need to get creative and unique with your seduction methods.

Here are the top five tips on how to attract a married woman:

Be Attractive


The attraction begins before you’ve said anything or made quality eye contact. It starts with how attractive you are: how you dress, how you compose yourself, and how well you socialize with others.

Be fashionable, stand tall with your shoulders back and relaxed and your head up, keep a smile to your face, and engage with other people in the room. Women will not be attracted to you if you stand off alone and don’t initiate conversations with others.

Make Quality Eye Contact

Before you talk to any woman, you need to make quality eye contact and smile when you do. Hold the eye contact and allow her to break away instead of you. It displays your confidence and friendliness according to

To feel less nervous, breathe deeply from your abdomen. Keep your gaze relaxed and warm by imagining yourself laughing while you are making eye contact. You can also take things a step further by making funny and unique faces.

Compliment and Praise Her


Women love to be complimented and praised. If you want her to like you, you need to display that you are genuinely impressed with her beauty.

Avoid being too direct and overdoing it. If you do, she’ll get bored and turned off. Instead, find something unique about her to praise. “You look great tonight” is something she hears all the time. But “your hairstyle is one of the best I’ve seen yet” is more powerful and creative.

Don’t hesitate to congratulate her if she does anything worthy of praise. If she earns a promotion or completes a personal goal of hers, congratulate her face-to-face and display your excitement. Women love to impress men with their beauty, but they love it even more if men appreciate their achievements.

Use Humor

Always use humor when interacting with a woman you want to seduce. Being funny and making her laugh will draw attention to you and lighten the mood.

Don’t overuse humor and avoid saying anything that makes fun of her or her appearance. Irritating a woman or making her feel bad won’t do you any favors. But if you can crack a few jokes that make her laugh, she’ll enjoy being around you.

Impress Her


Now, how to impress a married woman? The same way you initially attract her! Besides dressing well and having good body posture, you should also be courteous, polite, and a gentleman.

Without bragging about yourself, tell her something noteworthy and impressive about you that few other people have done. You can quickly get a conversation going this way, and if she asks several questions, she’s most likely interested.


The above tips do not guarantee that you will be successful with seducing a married woman, but they will increase your odds. Even if they don’t work for the initial married woman you want to attract, they may work for other women.

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