Top 5 Smartphones To Expect In 2021

2021 is going to be the smash-hit year for smartphone lovers. With the world of smartphones evolving at a rapid pace, there is always something waiting to be launched. Folding phones which are the most anticipated trend, pop up selfie camera to make displays even bigger, in-display fingerprint scanners and a bunch of rear cameras, we will be witnessing many new advancements in the market along with higher specifications.

So, if you are planning to upgrade your smartphone in 2021, here is a list of the best 5 smart phones that are expected to be introduced this year. Good news for you, will come up with potentially every voucher and deal to help you buy any of these smartphones at discounted prices.

#1 Samsung S10 and S10+


Samsung is expected to release a new phone in its flagship series, S10 and S10+. This new handset is tipped to come with an infinity display, three rear cameras, integrated 5G network connectivity and probably a vibrating display for audio. Nevertheless, we may have to wait a couple of months to get hands on this smartphone.

#2 OnePlus 7

According to the rumours, OnePlus 7 is slated to release this year in May or June. OnePlus too will follow industry trends on headphone ports, display notches and on-screen fingerprint sensor. Moreover, the flagship will run on the latest Qualcomm platform along with 10GB or more RAM. The company plans to come up with two variants: one with 4G LTE and another with 5G connectivity.

#3 Apple iPhone XI


We don’t know what Apple will call its next iPhone, but we already know that it is not going to be a 5G phone. Apple plans on integrating three back cameras and augmented reality functioning in its latest iPhone, and probably there will be not much of a change in design. However, Apple is expected to release out its first 5G handset in 2021.

#4 Nokia 9

Nokia 9 has been in rumours for a long time since 2017, but now it is anticipated to be launched in 2019. The leaked video of this flagship confirmed that the phone will have 5 Zeiss cameras on the back and a 5.99 inch display. We still don’t know what are these cameras for, but we assume that they are for ultra-wide and macro shots.

#5 Sony XZ4

Sony hasn’t announced anything about its latest flagship yet, but we are presuming it to be XZ4. Sony is likely to equip XZ4 with the Snapdragon 855 hardware to make it the most powerful phone. A system of three cameras will be a huge change, and you can expect better zoom, wide angle and low light photos.

#6 Honor View 20


Honor recently launched its first smartphone with a ‘hole punch’ display in China. There will be in-display hole in the phone for the front camera, which is going to be the big trend for 2019. The smartphone will also have a 48 MP rear camera. Offering technologically advanced yet economical priced handset, this is going to be trend setter in 2021.

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