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Top 5 Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey 

Hair loss is a common issue that bothers a lot of men and women around the world. As the American Hair Loss Association reports, about 25% of men see the first signs of hair loss before they turn 21. The American Academy of Dermatology statistics shows about 40% of women face hair loss in their 40s. The heredity plays one of the main roles when we speak about thinning hair or baldness. Instead of blaming your problem and your parents who gave you some set of bad genes, just go ahead to fight against hair loss. 

Turkey is among the top destinations for medical tourists who suffer from hair loss. For example, if you need to get a hair transplant in Antalya, Bookimed, an international platform for medical solution search, can help you to choose the most appropriate medical center for high-quality hair plantation. You can get a consultation and arrange your hair treatment trip to Turkey in several clicks. Read more about the Top Turkish clinics, choose the best one for you and schedule the procedure. 

What are the top centers for hair transplant in Turkey? 

  • SALUSS Clinic (Antalya)

 This is one of the most recognized hair transplantation clinics in Antalya. SALUSS specializes in transplanting hair with FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct hair implantation). The clinic accepts over 600 people for the procedure each year. 95% is a success rate for hair transplantation at Saluss.A lifetime guarantee for transplanted hair is provided. The clinic offers favorable packages for international patients that include airport transfer, accommodation, and the treatment itself. The clinic cooperates with world-class JCI-accredited medical institutions.

  • Estetik International Clinic (Istanbul) 
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Over 1,000 patients come to the clinic for plastic and cosmetology procedures, including hair transplant. Specialists apply such modern techniques as FUE to make a hair transplanting with hair grafts from donor areas. Healthy hair starts growing in 3 months after the procedure. Over 85,000 hair transplants have been made at Estetik International that means people trust the specialists of this clinic. 

  • Smile Hair Clinic (Istanbul) 

At this clinic specialists apply Micro FUE method for hair transplantation of 4,000 grafts can be transferred (bunches of 1-4 follicles) without any scars on the skin. Patients from the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, the UAE visit Smile Hair to get high-quality hair plantation. Specialists perform Micro FUE hair transplant painless procedure to get the natural result without scars. About 5,000 of Micro FUE procedures have been performed. 

  • Adem and Havva Medical Center (Istanbul)
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 International patients from 45 countries come to Adem and Havva for hair transplantation every year. ​Dr. Safiye Kurt​, the founder of the clinic and the top specialist and the member of European Hair Restoration Society, has carried out about 500 hair transplants in women using No-Cut technique (U-FUE). The clinic also offers a special package which may include FUE procedure, diagnostics, accommodation, etc. Adem and Havva meet ISO 1900 standards ​— that means a clinic provides safe and high-quality services. 

  • Ethica Health Group Clinics (Istanbul) 

Specialists in this group of clinics apply Sapphire hair transplanttechnique — a doctor uses a V-shape blade made of sapphire to make small and accurate incisions for transplantation. Such an instrument helps to avoid the risk of infections and irritating the neighboring healthy follicles. This procedure gives 2 times higher hair densitythan the conventional procedure. The clinic offers accommodation, VIP transfer from/to the airport, and even tours around the city. 

Any of these clinics provide advanced techniques of hair transplantation, but it’s up to you which one of them to choose. Get a chance to have your hair thick now and forever!