Top 17 Custom Car Shops in America

Stock cars may be good enough for the masses, but true gearheads will always find a way to customize their ride and make it more personal and unique. Sometimes customization can be simple, like changing the rims or adding few trinkets to the interior. Most of these small jobs are done by owners in their garages, following DIY guides found on sites like Low Offset. They are always a source of pride, regardless of how small they are.

For those who can afford it, a complete overhaul is the only way to go. Often, cars are so customized that it is hard to recognize the original model. These jobs can’t be done by individuals in their small garages and with their limited tools. These are the jobs for professionals.

Custom car shops aren’t anything new in America. As soon as cars took to the streets, people started modifying them and many shops in the old days went from small garages to auto industry giants. Today, they are catering to their wealthy clientele, unsatisfied with their vanilla cars and wanting a ride that will stand out. Once, modifying was reserved for older models, but these days it isn’t at all uncommon to see brand new vehicles, often very valuable, delivered to custom shops straight from the dealers.

17. Monster Customs


Location: Atlanta, GA
Specialty: Domestics, SUVs, exotics

Monster Customs have come a long way from a small shop specialized in replacing audio parts to a full-blown custom shop, ready to take on any challenge for their clients.

16. Krazy House Customs

Location: South Brunswick, NJ
Specialty: Exotics, Trucks

Founded in 2007, Krazy House Customs originally focused on off-road vehicles. They soon expanded and now work with European luxury models, as well as domestic muscle cars.

15. Godfather Customs

Location: Decatur GA
Specialty: Trucks

Godfather Customs specializes in trucks. That doesn’t mean they deal mostly with pickups, that means they deal only with trucks and are very good at it.

14. XclusvAutosports

Location: Staten Island, NY
Specialty: Japanese, European, Luxury, SUV/Truck, Domestic

XclusvAutosports covers the whole spectrum, from Toyota to Ferrari. Any car you want to be customized, they can do it and probably have in the past.

13. 713 Motoring

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Domestics, Trucks, SUV, Luxury

713 Motoring claims that they are the first shop in Houston to install hallo lights, which is a major achievement in the world of custom cars.

12. Globe Tire

Location: Los Angeles CA
Specialty: Luxury and Exotics

You won’t see cheap cars in Globe Tire, simply because their clients don’t drive affordable vehicles. But high-end luxury cars and exotic old-timers there are a-plenty.

11. AutoFashion

Location: San Diego, CA
Specialty: Japanese Luxury

If you have a Lexus and want to have some work done on it, AutoFashion is the place for you.

10. Rayco 2

Location: Little Ferry, NJ
Specialty: SUV, Luxury, Trucks

Rayco 2 has been in business for 16 years and have plenty of experience when it comes to customizing various models.

9. 702 Motoring

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Specialty: SUV, Trucks, Classic Cars

702 Motoring claims to be the largest custom shop in Nevada. They have appeared on Discovery Channel’s show roads, restoring a 1969 Lincoln.

8. Dreamworks Motorsports

Location: Roxboro, NC
Specialty: Muscle, SUV/Trucks, Boats, Bikes

Is it used for transportation? If the answer is yes, Dreamworks Motorsports will do a custom job on it, regardless if it is a car, bike, or a boat.

7. Progressive Autosports

Location: Houston, TX
Specialty: Luxury, Exotics

Progressive Autosports prides itself on having the complete works under one roof, including tire shop, paint shop, electrical division, and detailing facility.

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6. Lux Motorwerks

Location: Keyport, NJ
Specialty: Luxury Exotics

As their name would suggest, Lux Motorwerks focuses on European brands like Maybach, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce.

5. BLVD Customs


Location: St Petersburg, FL
Specialty: SUV, Luxury, Exotics

BLVD Customs is a prestigious shop that has clients like Tiger Woods, Hulk Hogan and Nelly.

4. Action Tire

Location: Lodi, NJ
Specialty: SUV, Luxury, Trucks

According to the DuPont Registry, Action Tire is one of the top ten custom shops in the country. They have had appearances in various shows, including Ice Loves Coco.

3. West Coast Customs


Location: Corona, CA
Specialty: Vintage, Muscle, Luxury, SUV/ Truck

West Coast Customs is probably the most recognizable custom shop in the world, due to the MTV’s TV show. They are largely responsible for the popularization of custom shops both in America and worldwide.

2. Galpin Auto Sports

Location: Van Nuys, CA
Specialty: Trucks, SUVs, Luxuries, and Exotics

Galpin Auto Sports started as a Galpin Ford, a customization department of a local Ford dealership in 1946. Today they are the leading authority on modding Mustangs, Focuses, and Raptors in California.

1. Platinum Motorsport

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Specialty: Supercars
Platinum Motorsport’s parking is filled to the brim with Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and other brands of supercars, each costing at least a couple of hundred thousands of dollars.

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