12 Tools Marketing Students Need

Modern marketing practices almost always have an element of technology in them. The digital climate and nature of content and information today have further accelerated the rate of innovations. Online technology has been rapidly evolving but so have the tools that people and businesses can use.

With the right set of marketing tools, one can easily scale their operations to newer and unexpected heights. Yes, we are all well aware of the powers of the internet and viral culture. However, a good brand with a thorough marketing focus seeks continual growth and development. And as it usually goes, this in turn involves a whole set of methods and practices that have to be practiced daily. But above all, it is only possible with the continued use and correct application of modern marketing tools.

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In no particular order, here are 12 marketing tools every student needs

1) HootSuite – Social Media Scheduling


HootSuite has been in the social media marketing space for a while now. Its continued success has been majorly attributed to the ease it provides in getting ahead of the social media game. Through the platform, one can easily upload their posts with all the necessary details and schedule them as per their needs. HootSuite has a wonderful interface and can be used to leverage one’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter accounts.

2) Canva – Social Media Creatives

Canva gives students the liberty of visualizing and creating their designs for various types of marketing purposes. Canva can be used to create visuals for various platforms that can be accessed from almost all devices. One can edit photos, create logos, design banners, prepare blog images, and a lot more. Students can use Canva on their phones, tablets, or laptops. It also has the best resolutions applicable to each social media platform.

3) Slack – Social Messaging & Teamwork


Slack is an all-integrated social messaging and interactions platform designed to foster teamwork and team spirit. Some of Slack’s best features are instant messaging, organized file sharing, voice calling, video calling, and more. The interface is designed for all types of industries and work and can be easily understood and used by anyone. Thus, it can be effectively used by students even at college levels to effectively complete their tasks.

4) Trello – Collaboration & Organization


Trello currently stands as one of the best collaborative applications to organize and strengthen team efforts. Trello can be used in several ways but one of the best is to get one’s whole team on it. The team leader can then effectively assign various tasks to their team members by creating individual “boards” for them. Each board can contain detailed information about the task, along with other links or deadlines. One can also add priority labels and checklists. Trello can be used on a phone or desktop.

5) Twitter – Information & Knowledge


Some of the terms like “Twitter Thugs” or “Keyboard Warriors” have direct and obvious connections to the tech giant of information – Twitter. Ever since its inception, Twitter has attracted masses of people who want to share and learn various forms of worldly information. The platform has heaps of information about the past, present, and future situations of the world. Using Twitter is a great idea for marketers because the best ones always need to know about what’s happening around them.

6) Studyfy – Online Homework Helper


While there are a lot of people with business visions, only a few can be gifted in the area of marketing. Today, several online platforms help all types of learners, not to mention college students, to learn and complete their work quicker. Out of several online platforms geared towards helping students with their work, Studyfy boldly stands out. Students can use Studyfy to write blogs, complete their marketing tasks, write essays, complete their homework, and a lot more.

7) Skillhub – Create CVs & Resumes


As we all know, marketing is all about presenting oneself in the best possible way. With or without a digital platform, this is also true in daily life. However, to really build and leverage one’s digital presence, they have to learn to market themselves on the internet. One of the best ways of creating great first impressions when applying for jobs or networking online is to have a strong LinkedIn profile and resume. Skillhub is a top platform designed to help students and potential employees to market themselves through their services. Some of their services include CV or resume writing, cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile enhancement.

8) EssayPro – Content & Essay Services


Content in the form of words or text is the lifeblood of online marketing. Sometimes, top brands using the very best visuals can fail if their creatives don’t choose the right words. EssayPro is a top platform with a large pool of professional writers across various niches. One can easily avail of their affordable services to hire an appropriate writer to create various forms of engaging and eye-catching content. Additionally, EssayPro can also help students write essays, edit their work, and a lot more.

9) WordPress – Website Creation & Maintenance


Everyone who knows how to use the internet well and a thing or two about digital marketing or websites knows WordPress. It is the biggest platform used by all types of users to create stunning websites. WordPress has been in the space for a very long time and has diversified into a dominant website creation and development platform. Students can easily use free or discounted packages to get their websites up and running.

10) Medium – Social Blogging & Journalism


This social blogging and information platform was developed by one of the co-founders of Blogger and Twitter – Evan Williams. Medium is like a social journalism platform designed to allow all types of writers to share their information. The platform also has several well-known publications and has been a blogging host to several other websites. Thus, one can not only find useful information by an amateur blogger but also by a thorough professional here. Students can use this platform to create a buzz through their blogs and writing.

11) Hemingway App – Grammar & Text Precision


Modern marketing, especially the digital segment, is spearheaded with information in the form of words. Everything you do online is through words, right from what you read to what you type. Because of the overload, good information can be hard to find and understand. The Hemingway App is a free online tool that allows users to weave their writing into a more concise form. Students can use the platform to refine their writing for all of their (marketing) work.

12) SEMRush – SEO, SEM, & Online Rankings


SEMRush is an amazing tool to learn more about keywords and how to use them well. The SaaS platform is an in-depth yet easy-to-understand interface related to all things SEO and SEM. The platform has heaps of information about various keywords from virtually all niches. Though some of its features are paid, students can use several other free components to boost their website rankings.

Here are some more honorable mentions of the best marketing tools for students:

  • HubSpot – Website Creation & Inbound Marketing
  • Google Analytics – Audience & Website Analytics & Data
  • Moz – Audience & SEO
  • Reddit – Everything Worthy on the Internet Comes Here First!
  • Quora – Online Question & Answer Hub

To Conclude

Marketing is always a fun segment of any work. Brainstorming ideas, brewing strategies, and executing campaigns are some of the best aspects of the process. The whole experience is so engaging that as brands continue to grow, team members become like friends and family. However, such as our business climate is today, one needs to also integrate the tools to enforce their strategies seamlessly. With the right set of marketing tools, even a group of ordinary people can create extraordinary marketing experiences!

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