Tips When Traveling With Your Pet

When you are planning a trip, you will have dozens of details you will have to worry about. If you add a part to all these worries, those details may start to feel overwhelming. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or moving to a new place, that does not mean you have to leave your cat, dog or any other type of small animal behind. This is why we made a list of some tips to show you how to keep your pet and yourself comfortable and calm, no matter the distance and type of travel. These tips will help you prepare for all phases of a journey, whether its planning, packing, boarding or feeding.

Prepare for the journey

Proper preparation is one of the most crucial parts of a successful journey with or without your pet. By making the right plan, you can save your pet and yourself much discomfort. Here are some vital things you should do before you go.

Source: LINK Magazine

Checkup with a veterinarian

Certain countries require rabies certificates, blood tests, and specific vaccines in advance of travel. It is very important that you follow these rules if you want to avoid separation with your pet in your destination country, since official may quarantine your pet.

Rehearse with your pet

If your pet has never before been on a long journey, you can get them ready by taking them on short drives and then gradually increase the time of the drive. Be sure to put them in a crate while you are driving, so they can get used to it if they haven’t been introduced to crates before. Take a walk around the airport or train station to them familiar with all the sounds and smells. Remember to always reward your pet for good behavior and try to constantly reassure them.

Source: North Shore Animal League America

Take a long walk before boarding

A good and tiring walk or run before boarding a plane, boat, train or bus will help you pet considerably. A quick round of exercise will expend your pet’s excess energy and will be more tired during the journey.

Get the right crate

If you are buying a carrier or crate for your pet, make sure it is IATA approved. Any carrier or crate should be large enough so your pet can stand, sit and around with ease. It should be secure enough so it does not slip around when a plane or vehicle moves, accelerates or stops.

Source: AARP

Find pet-friendly accommodations

While a lot of hotels allow pets, others may prohibit them. If you do not want to get stuck with a hotel that is not pet-friendly, make sure to do your research properly before you book. Even if you know that the hotel you picked welcomes pets, you should make sure you have a room where pets are allowed. Some hotels allow pets only in some rooms. In addition, a lot of hotels will specify the type of animal, size, and weight they accept, so make sure you review all their rules before you get there. A lot of hotels use the term “pet-friendly” to clarify that they accept all kinds of pets.

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