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Tips to improve your style this summer – What you need to know

We should be really happy that winter is finally over, and for many people, the best time of the year is soon to begin. It’s a fact that in summer everything is better. Most of our best memories are during those days on the poolside or those long, passionate nights out on the beach.

Today, we’re talking about some of the things you can do to improve your style for the upcoming season. Summer is just a few moments away and you might be already getting anxious about your style for this warm, sunny period of the year. So, let’s take a look at some tips.

The famous no-show socks

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In winter, we love socks that are almost knee length because they keep us warm and make us feel comfortable. However, those same types of socks are our worst enemies in the summertime. Luckily, we have the smaller, more efficient version of them in our drawers, ready to be used when the time comes. The famous no-show socks. They are basically like normal socks except their length ends about ankle level. An interesting fact is that your feet are the biggest areas in your body that are regulating heat levels. So, you definitely don’t want them to be ultra-heated if your goal is to cool off. If you don’t already own such socks, eweary clothing is the place to be. They have tons of clothes for the summer period that will make you look both good and stay cool at the same time.

Choosing bright, light colors for your clothes

In summer, everyone is happier, smiles more and their mood is elevated as well. Don’t be the kind of person that will bring all of these down by wearing pitch black clothes. And, that’s not just the only reason not to wear black in the summer. It’s well known that darker colors will make you attract more heat from the sun and you will basically be “boiling” after a few seconds of standing out in the heat. Instead, wear brighter colors like yellow and baby blue. They will help you get into that summer mood while also staying cool.

Wearing as little clothing as you possibly can

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Summers are known for the unbearable heat that can sometimes make you go crazy if you don’t have a pool or a beach nearby. The temperature can reach up to forty-five Celsius and you definitely don’t want to have many clothes on you at that moment. Shorts and very light shirts are the best pieces of clothing that should be worn during the summer. Some people even walk around topless with just Hawaii-Shorts in order to reduce the heat level to the bare minimum. However, you should be careful if you’re one of those pale-skinned people. If you stand in the sun for too long you might get burned and it’s not really a pleasant feeling. Especially if the sunburn is from a higher degree. If you need help with this be sure to check

For the summer nights though, you might need to bring a sweater with you in case the temperature drops and your shorts and light shirt are not enough to keep you warm. It rarely happens but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared.

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