Tips on How to Sleep Better When Traveling

When traveling for business or leisure, it is vital to get enough rest so that you are ready for when you reach your destination. While it isn’t the most natural thing, catching some shut-eye on the road can significantly improve your energy levels, mood and not to mention the time you save.

Comfort is critical when it comes to getting sleep while traveling, and the starting point is a good travel pillow. Click here to find out more on travel pillows. Once you are comfortable enough, you need to make certain of a few other things to make sure your sleep is better and uninterrupted. Let’s check out a few;  

  • Easy On The Caffeine

We all love our morning (or anytime) cup of coffee. However, it is advisable to lay off any caffeine several hours before travel completely should you wish to get some decent sleep. Coffee, carbonated drinks, or anything that contains even small amounts of caffeine can keep you up.

  • Pack a Sleep Assisting Kit

When traveling, the biggest culprits in denying you some precious sleep are noises, lights, and discomfort. In addition to a functional pillow, a few other essentials can go a long way in putting you in the right state.  

A decent light eliminating eye mask to shut out those bright flashing lights and a pair of earplugs to drown out the noise should do the trick. For those who are even more sensitive to sounds, it may be worth your while to invest in a portable white noise machine

  • Pick Your Seat Wisely

Whether on a plane, train or bus, the position and section your seat is in will be a massive factor in whether you get enough sleep or none at all. Try and secure a chair that is away from a path other passengers need to get in and out of their seats as this will mean constant interruption.

Window seats are often a great choice as they are often out of the way of other passengers and offer a little more room for learning. It is essential to pick a seat that isn’t very close to the lavatories as the constant movements to and from the toilets coupled with any odors can be distracting.

  • Dress The Part

When traveling but still needing to sleep, it’s best to dress appropriately before departure. Always read and take into account projected weather reports. For any journey longer than a few hours, pack sweatpants, hoodies, scarves, and even some warm throws. If you are scheduled for a hot summer day, dress lightly to avoid overheating. 

  • Eat Light, Sleep Right

Finally, you need to be aware that what you eat will largely influence how you are feeling during the trip. More substantial meals tend to weigh heavily on your stomach and affect your comfort. Your body will be using all its resources to digest the food rather than focusing on rest.

Allow for a decent sized meal a few hours before departure, and if you must, light meals and snacks such as fruits, nuts, or a veggie salad during the trip.

Final Thoughts

With these few sleep tips, you can have a more relaxing trip that will leave you feeling refreshed when you get to your destination.