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Tips On How To Plan A Modular Kitchen

These are the modern way of life. We have very well adopted the American way of dining that has come as a part and parcel of Americanization. Modular kitchens are quite practical and at the same time can be style in different ways keeping in mind the space requirement and the wishes of the client. It can also be managed easily, and now more and more housing apartments are building a modular style of gallery.

However, while all this is great, quite often, things go differently because there hasn’t been a good plan in the first place. Many a times, the construction and designing of these types of galleries ends up in a disaster, because key elements that should have been considered, weren’t given enough importance. In this article, we will be laying down certain tips that need to be kept in mind while planning for a modular kitchen.

Tip 1: Space Requirement

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The first and the most important thing to be considered while planning a modular kitchen is the space made available to us. It is extremely crucial to map the area properly, because the design that you are going to use for yours depends a lot on the space available to you. For instance, if the space available to you is good enough then, you can think of an island design whereas if the space that is there isn’t a lot, then you have to think of a design which will not make your kitchen look cramped. To avoid such cramping, you can think of a parallel design that will make your gallery look stylish and spaced out.

Tip 2: Storage Requirement

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One more important thing to be considered while planning out your modular kitchen is the requirement for storage, where you will all your instruments and spices etc. This type of planning is very important, and it is unfortunate that people don’t pay much attention to this. You need to analyse your storage requirements so as to plan out your drawers, shelf cabinets and etc. The usage pattern that you follow determines your storage capacity.

Tip 3: Plug Points

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Nowadays, every kitchen has a microwave, mixer, aqua guard etc. Hence, it is very important to check for the plug points that you need and exactly where do you need it. At the same time, it is also of importance to plan for the plumbing points and ensure that there is a proper outlet for water. If you have an independent house, then these can be planned according to the modular units.

Tip 4: Modular Kitchen Price

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It is very important to note that these doesn’t come cheap and the price varies from design to design. The prices depend on a lot of factors such as the area and design of your kitchen, the number of storages you need in your gallery, the size of the countertops and the product that you will use for the countertops etc. The modular kitchen prices are very extremely difficult to be given exact, because it depends on a variety of factors mentioned. Hence, while planning for one, ensure that the person, with whom you are working, apprises you of the prices for the different designs. For more information on prices click here.

Tip 5: Counter Top

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Now, planning for a modular kitchen also requires you to pay attention to the counter tops in your gallery. It is also one of the most important things to be considered while planning for this type. You need to decide what type of material you will be using for your counter tops, whether it will be marble or engineered stone. The decision for the material to be used depends on the cooking that takes place at your home.

Tip 6: Spacious

Cramping your kitchen area, won’t be of any use to you. This is also the reason why you need to map the spaces well. There is should be some space between your cooking area and washing area. Ideally, there should also be enough walking space for the people(s) working in the kitchen. If it is cramped due to lack of proper spacing, one isn’t going to enjoy cooking in there. Also, in order to make more space and avoid clutter on the worktop are, one can consider integrating the appliances to the walls of the place.

Tip 7: Enough Ventilation

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Proper ventilation in your modular kitchen is a complete must. It is very important to give enough attention to ventilation and safety concerns, while planning out your kitchen. If the space available is good enough, then you can build large windows. However, in case the space provided is not much, then as alternatives, one can use chimneys and exhausts. Depending on however you want it, the basis should be that there should be a proper gateway for air.