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Tips on how to make your first date special

When it comes to going on a first date with a special girl or guy, you will probably want to impress them. However, when you try to impress someone, it often comes off as unnatural or a bit weird. Your date is probably not there to hear all your achievements or listen to how you are reviewing yourself. They just want to get to know you and have a normal back and forth conversation.

Did you meet someone that you really like, but are really nervous to go on a date with them because you do not want to ruin it all? Or did you use an online dating website such as w4m maps, and now you have a date, but you do not know where to take them? Do not worry, here are some tips for making your date perfect:

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1. Suggest a special date – one way to make sure that you and your date will be memorable is to choose a date that will stand out from the crowd. Instead of going to dinner at a fancy restaurant or going to the cinema, try choosing something that will make it special. You could invite them to an art show or to a painting class, you could ask them to go to an arcade, or you could ask them what their favorite snacks are and enjoy walking through a park while munching on their favorite snacks.

2. Choose an activity that will provide talking time – in order for you and your date to be memorable, your date should get to know you better, so make sure that you will be able to talk during the first date. Picking a fun activity instead of sitting down and discussing thing will help with the awkward silences that sometimes happen, and it will give you time to talk about something. You could try playing mini golf or bowling, playing pools or darts, as well as going to a theme park or carnival.

3. Pick an outfit that will say something about you – in addition to picking clothes that make you look good, you could also try choosing clothes that will say something about yourself. If you enjoy music, you can wear a shirt with your favorite band’s logo, this could give your date information about you and it will also provide you with some great conversation topics.

4. Be yourself – do not try to impress your date by acting like something that you are not. Being yourself will give a long-lasting impression because your date will know that you are telling the truth about who you are. Also, you will have a better time and you will be able to relax and be yourself.

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5. Be a good listener – listen to what your date has to say and show them that you actually listened to them by repeating something they said or by asking questions about what they previously said. Try not to interrupt them and do not talk a lot about yourself. Also, do not forget to make eye contact and repeat parts of what they said.

6. Keep the conversation going – do not try to get to know each other for the whole conversation since it can destroy the vibe of the date. Instead, you could try to point out things that are happening during the date and make comments about those things. For example, if there is music playing, you could make a comment about it or if there are street performers, you could stop and listen to them playing for a while.


There are many tips and tricks, recommendations, and suggestions that could make your date perfect, but the most important one is that you should always be yourself.

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