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Tips On How To Approach Any Woman

Having the confidence to approach and talk to a woman is the single most important factor that will end with a successful outcome for you. From the bookshelves with millions of books and manuals on how to approach a woman, quite possibly the only thing that they have in common is the before mentioned. But that’s not all. There are many more tips that you could use that will help you get someone’s phone number, and we are going to discuss them with you in this article.

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Be Calm and Cool

Approaching and talking to someone means interrupting them without warning. This is why approaching a woman is far from calm and cool. While at the club, or the bar, women expect these sort of things, and they expect you to come up with some cheesy pick-up line that will fail miserably.

Before approaching the woman at the bar, ask yourself, how would you like to be approached and not end up badly? The only answer to this question would be to maintain your cool and be calm all the way. Be polite and don’t be invasive, respect the fact that she might not want to be disturbed. Instead of making an aggressive approach, be respectful and the night might turn in your favor.

Approach Those Who Want to be Approached

According to Tao of Bada*s, only approach those who are open to it, because anyone else will reject you. Whenever you’re on a night out and you see someone interesting, observe them and try to determine if they want your company. If the person is chatting with someone else, fast walking to the bathroom, avoids eye contact with you, doesn’t look interested, or she seems generally too busy, then they don’t want to be approached by you. Best case scenario is that they don’t want to be approached at all. But if she makes eye contact with you, smiles at you, even as to far say looks at you, then she definitely wants to be approached by you. The golden rule is not to fight every fight, but to fight the good fight and the fight that can be won. There is no logic in fighting a losing battle.

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Never Approach Woman as if it’s an All-Or-Nothing Game

Whenever you talk to a person for the first time, they DO NOT want to talk about true love and destinies. If someone talks to you this way, then those are some real red flags. While the person you talk to might well be your true love, they don’t want that kind of conversation, as spoken by the experts at Tao of Bada*s. Remember that even if this seems special and things don’t work out, there will always be another shot at true love, another girl that will be more than happy with you.

In situations like this, instead of the overly dramatic true love conversation, try to start small by asking normal questions. Ask her politely if she wants to go for a drink with you and always make sure to add “if not, no worries” at the end. Adding disclaimers such as this will drastically improve your chances of the person not branding you as a serial killer if she refuses.

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