Tips for Getting a Great Cashback Kredittkort

8 Tips for Getting a Great Cashback Kredittkort

Choosing a credit card can nowadays be rather complicated. Not only because there are numerous issuers you can go for, but also because there are various types of cards and different rewards you can get while using one or the other. So, putting a lot of effort into selecting the perfect option for you is definitely important, meaning you should never make any choices on the spur of the moment and impulsively.

No matter how many different reward programs the issuers invent, the cashback reward option remains popular. Thinking about using that type of card? If you believe that your work is done after having decided on the cashback option, you’re definitely wrong. There are some more important factors to consider and steps to take before actually applying for one of these financial tools, and you should learn more about how to choose the best one for you. Thus, once again, making hasty choices is not a good idea.

Why Get the Cashback Option in the First Place?


Upon realizing that making hasty choices is not a good idea, you’ll want to get a clearer understanding of what to do so as to select the perfect solution for you. Before we get to that, though, I want you to ask yourself one question first. Why get the cashback option in the first place? Do you have an answer to that, or have you just heard that other people are doing it and you want to join in?

Sure, there are some important benefits that come with using this option, but the point is you should be aware of those and understand them clearly, instead of simply making your choice based on the fact that other people are choosing this as well. You need to form your own opinion regarding these cards, and you won’t be able to do that if you have no idea what they are and how they work. So, let’s make that clearer.

Basically, a cashback credit card is a card you can earn a percentage of your money back while spending it. Depending on the provider, you’ll get that percentage back on different types of purchases and in different stores. Some Norwegian providers offer the option of earning back some money on specific purchases, such as fuel for example, while others offer this benefit for pretty much any purchase category. The idea of earning money while actually spending it is quite appealing, so it is absolutely no wonder you’re thinking of getting this card.

Tips for Getting the Right Cashback Credit Card

Having understood how a cashback card works, you can now proceed toward learning how to get the right one for you. Not all of these will be the same, of course, as there are numerous different issuers out there and they all have the right to impose their own requirements and rules for using their cards. Perfectly normal. It is up to you, though, to take as much time as you need to check out those rules and requirements before deciding on one of these solutions.

And, if you’re ready to take the time you need, you’ll want to know what it is you should take into account, which is what I’ll talk about below. The great thing is that you can learn about various different options at and similar places, meaning you won’t have a hard time actually finding the issuers offering this opportunity and the cards you may want to use. It is the researching part that can be a bit trickier, though, so it is that part that you’ll need help with. And you’ll get the help when you read on.

1. Check the Limits

Check the Limits

All of these cards will come with an upper limit on the money you can get while using them, called maximum credit. Expecting all the providers to offer you the same limit is unrealistic. As mentioned, they all have the right to impose different requirements, and so they do. While setting the limits, of course, they take into account all the other perks you can get with the card, as well as the rates at which they are issuing them and similar things.

What should you, however, take into account when trying to choose the right limit for you? Well, your spending habits, of course. Depending on how much you tend to spend on a monthly basis, you may need a higher limit, or you may be completely satisfied with a lower one. And, of course, if you’re planning on limiting your own spending with the aim of getting better control over it, you can also go for that lower max credit, hoping to avoid getting into bigger debt. Remember, though, to be realistic with your spending, because there’s no point in getting a card that won’t be useful due to a low limit.

2. Compare the Cashback Percentage

Just like they offer different credit limits, these providers also offer a different cashback percentage. Meaning, depending on which one you choose, you could either get a higher or a lower percentage of cash back after spending money with your card. While some offer as little as 2%, there’s a chance you could even get as much as 25% of cash back on certain specific purchases. Considering that percentage will, thus, also help you make your final decision, but remember to keep the categories of purchases in mind together with the percentage, as that will give you a clearer picture of how much you could actually earn back.

3. Check if It Is Offered for Online Purchases As Well

Check if It Is Offered for Online Purchases As Well

Do you have a habit of making a lot of your purchases online? If yes, you should go for a card that offers cashback on online purchases as well. And, don’t just assume that all of them do, as that could lead to you getting the wrong option – one you’ll be disappointed with later. Not what you want to happen, is it? So, carefully check whether the cards you’re considering offer this earning opportunity on online purchases if that’s something that matters to you and eliminate any of those that don’t from your list of potential solutions.

4. Check for Travel Insurance and Other Perks

Planning on traveling a lot? Even if planning on traveling from time to time, and not extremely frequently, you could benefit from having travel insurance on your card. Not all of the providers will, however, offer that opportunity. Sure, while your main goal here is to get the cashback solution, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider all those other perks as well, including travel insurance if you need it, as well as rental car insurance, and similar things. Only by taking all of the perks into account, together with cashback, will you be able to ultimately make the best decision and choose the kredittkort that will be perfect for you.

5. Compare Interest Rates

Compare Interest Rates

You can’t exactly make that choice without checking and comparing the interest rates first. If you’re not planning on carrying any balance, and you’re instead planning on repaying it in full every month, this may not be the most important factor for you. Yet, you never know what can happen, so even if you have those plans to repay everything in full on time, you should still go for lower interest rates, just in case. The rates will, of course, differ from provider to provider, and it is your task to carefully check and compare those, aiming at deciding what is reasonable and what may be too expensive for your taste.

6. And Other Fees

Other types of fees have to be considered as well so that you can decide whether an option is too expensive for your taste, or whether it is reasonable. The good thing, however, is that most providers that offer cashback cards don’t charge an annual fee for using them. A great advantage that every single user will love. Yet, assuming that this is the case with all issuers and thus forgetting to check the fees in detail is wrong. Meaning, you should always take some time to consider all of those other fees, apart from the interest rates, and thus find an option that will be favorable for you.

7. Research the Issuers in Details

Research the Issuers in Details

Would you really apply for a card even though you know nothing about the company that’s issuing it? While I don’t know what your answer to that question is, I know what it should be. No. Applying one of these solutions without knowing the first thing about the issuers is definitely not a good idea, which basically means you should thoroughly research those different issuers, aiming at finding the best ones for you.

The great thing is, you’ll be able to find all the information you need online. Some are on the official sites of the issuers, and others are on some other useful websites aiming at comparing the companies and offering you basically all the information you need when aiming at making this choice. Check experience, among other things, and make sure to use reliable information sources when doing the research.

8. Check Their Ratings and Reputation

Apart from experience, of course, you should also check the ratings and the reputation of the issuers you are researching. This is because you want to be completely sure you’re choosing a highly reputable company to work with – one that has a great rating and that clients put a lot of trust in. Reading reviews will help with this, but so could talking to some other clients directly if that is a possibility for you.