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Tips for Fixing an Unresponsive iPhone Screen

When you use your phone for work or even just browsing the web, it can be frustrating when the system glitches. One of the most common issues that iPhone owners face is an unresponsive screen. You might be scrolling through Instagram or sending a text when your screen suddenly freezes — tapping the screen without results, you grow increasingly worried and irritated.

So, what can you do in this situation? This guide will outline some of the main steps you can take to fix an unresponsive iPhone screen. While these tricks might not work for everyone, they can provide a simple solution to a seemingly daunting problem.

Clean the screen

While it may seem too simple, some iPhones become unresponsive when the screen is dirty. This may the case if you took your phone outdoors or used your phone while eating. Use a microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean the screen.

You might need to use a slightly damp cloth for more stubborn grime. Just be sure to avoid wiping your screen with a wet cloth. Once you clean the surface, wash and dry your hands before trying to use the iPhone again.

Restart the phone

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When your iPhone screen suddenly stops working, you might just need to force reboot the phone. To do so, hold down the lock and home buttons at the same time. Your phone screen will then turn black before displaying the Apple logo. Give the phone a moment before entering your password and using the device.

If your phone screen still isn’t responsive, you might need to try a factory reset. You should only do this at home if you have all of the data from your iPhone backed up. Since you are unable to use the screen, you will likely need to perform the factory reset through iTunes by clicking the “restore” button.

Address physical damage

Consider whether your iPhone screen is frozen due to physical damage. Is your screen cracked? Even if it was working well for months, it could be experiencing issues now.

If you recently dropped your phone, there could be internal damage causing your screen to glitch. Determine whether the phone could have water damage or if the outside temperature is too hot or cold. All of these factors could cause immediate or delayed damage.

If you suspect the phone is glitching due to extreme temperature, then place the phone inside and allow it to return to room temperature. For water damage, pat the phone dry with a towel and refrain from turning it on. You should bring the device to a technician to determine the exact cause, as it can be difficult to diagnose the issue at home without causing further damage.

See a professional

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When in doubt, you should bring your iPhone to a professional technician. These professionals can inspect the hardware, spotting physical damage that could be causing your screen to be unresponsive. They can also check the software to determine if your phone is glitching due to a calibration or update issue.

Whether you need iPhone X screen replacement or a factory reset for your iPhone 7, they will provide the best solution for your device. If they find severe damage, they may also recommend replacing your phone completely.

An unresponsive iPhone screen is a common issue, resulting from software glitches and physical damage. While simple tricks like cleaning and restarting the device can often help, you might need to take the phone to a professional for more in-depth assistance.

By doing so, you can ensure that you get to the root of the issue. Your phone will be up and running in no time.