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Tips for dressing up your Children for a wedding

Whether it is a wedding, a family reunion or a fancy holiday gathering, chances are that your toddler will be required to dress up for these special occasions. But, when those special events come, you will probably want to make sure that what your child wears is both comfortable for them and practical for you. Children always have fun at celebrations, but what should you dress them in?

So, it is time to buy your son his first suit? Should your daughter wear a princess dress from her dreams? Consider these things when choosing outfits for your kids:

1. Gender specifics

Girls princess dresses are adorable and today, quite well-designed. Keep in mind that you should avoid full-length dresses since it could lead to tripping. A perfect length is just below the knees, mid-calf or above the ankle. It might be fun to coordinate the color with the bridesmaids’ color to make your child feel like she fits in, or you might want to coordinate the dress color to your own dress. If you want to see all the beautiful dresses for your little princess, you can check Toddler Girl Dresses to see a wide range of dresses that will most certainly make your daughter feel like she is in a fairytale.

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According to BebeCoutureLLC, boys might not enjoy being dressed up as much as girls. Suits are quite common for formal weddings and tuxedos are reserved specifically for black-tie weddings. On the other hand, trousers with a matching blazer or jacket are a good bet. Matching the groom and the groomsmen will allow your child to fit in and feel good.

2. Always dress them for comfort

You should most certainly avoid tight-fitting clothes. You can still keep kids stylish with a loose fit. Kids move and run around a lot, they dance and play with other kids and they will benefit from a little wiggle room. Kids grow fast, so there will be more opportunities for them to wear these clothes which were a little bit lose at that time. Keep in mind not to choose anything with a lot of layers. As you know, kids will need frequent visits to the bathroom. Layering can be a hindrance and make the kids hot and irritable.

When it comes to the shoes, try keeping it simple. Stylish flats for girls are the best choice and a nice pair of leather shoes are perfect for boys.

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3. Be practical

Consider the season when you dress up your child for a wedding. Warmer weather is a perfect time for a lovely tea dress for girls and a cotton polo shirt under blazers for boys. Kids tend to get messy with their food or drinks, so you might want to go with a little darker color if you fear that there will be spills or smudges.

4. Have fun – accessorize

For your daughter or daughters, a bow with a hairdo adds charm and cuteness. Sparkly jewelry like a locker or small pearls always adds a special touch. Lace-trimmed ankle socks or tights add subtle flair.

For your son or sons, bowties always tend to make their look more jazzed up. With older boys, an attractive tie works well.

5. Let your kids have input

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Let your kids participate when choosing what they should wear. If you have a toddler between the ages of 2 and 4, start by letting them choose between two options. Making decisions from an early age is very empowering and builds up their confidence. It will also make them an active participant in many activities.


When choosing clothes for your toddlers, keep in mind that they should be comfy, colorful, and playful. With these tips, your daughter can feel like a princess, while your son might feel like he came out of an action movie.

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