Tips and tricks to improve your outdoor advertising effort

We live in a world where tons of products and services are constantly drawing our attention. When you take a quick walk outside in the city, you will notice an insane number of billboards and advertisements printed on buses, cars and even buildings. Marketing is truly important when it comes to succeeding in what you do since there is so much competition in just about anything nowadays.

Marketing is so important that it is already a separate branch in the industry and a profession as well. Social Media are also as popular as they are, because of the easy marketing processes that can be done there.


Professionals that specialize in any sort of marketing, such as digital, are highly valued and very well paid in almost any company. Unique ways of promoting your product or service are very important, and they are the people that come up with the ideas. Coca-Cola might not be the best drink in the world, but there isn’t a person that hasn’t heard about it. Their marketing is just so good that even when you see Santa Claus, you immediately get reminded of their Christmas advertisements. Plus, on almost every corner out in the city, you can see a bunch of BSDisplays featuring something related to their product. And we’re not going to lie, these signs are a great way of promoting your product and drawing the attention of nearby citizens.  

Lately, people have been trying to find ways to draw your attention as quickly as possible. For example, when you go on Instagram, you will see a lot of ads that involve a person talking really fast and trying to explain everything that they are trying to promote in just a few seconds. This is because most people are already so fed up with the crazy amount of ads and marketing attempts all around us that they immediately turn off the ad if it doesn’t catch their attention in the first couple of seconds.


Some very famous and effective ways of advertising in the outdoors are the following ones:

  • Billboard advertising

This is an amazing way to grab the attention of nearby passengers. Billboards are just so large that simply get in your view regardless if you like it or not.

  • Sale Displays

They are usually put somewhere near checkout counters and places where a person needs to wait for something, and while waiting they quickly take a peek at the display.

  • Mobile Billboards

This is what we think of as one of the best ways that you can advertise your product or service. By printing or attaching your logo, slogan, picture or even the entire description of your product on a truck or a plane, the whole world will see it. This is simply because the vehicle will travel around the countries and everyone looks at a big truck when they see it approaching. You simply cannot miss the huge letters that will be on the truck, representing your company and your product or service that you are offering.