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Things you have to know about Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most common method nowadays. Laser hair removal treatment usually takes 3-5 times, some friends with very thick hair may need more treatment to achieve long-term hair removal effect.

Hair will go through a growth period, degenerative period, and the resting period. In general, a hair follicle in the growth phase has a better response to laser treatment. It is due to the rapid division of hair follicle cell and melanin in the growth phase. Therefore, the laser energy can be absorbed well. The melanin in the hair follicle of the degenerative period and resting period is less. As a result, people should wait for its transformation when the growing period and then take hair removal treatment again.

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Hair follicles and sweat glands are two separate structures. Hair grows out of the follicle, and sweat glands are next to the follicle, which is not the same thing. Laser hair removal is only applied to hair follicles with melanocyte granules, but not to sweat glands without melanocyte granules. The laser does not harm sweat glands, so it does not affect human metabolism and sweating.

Generally speaking, the hair clearance rate can reach 90% after repeated laser or strong light treatment. Of course, its efficacy is affected by many factors. When the hair is growing again for a period of time, it grows to be a small, microfluidic fluff which is more natural but does not affect the aesthetics.

The human skin is a relatively light-permeable structure. Clinical trials have found that, in the face of powerful lasers, the skin is a transparent piece of cellophane. The laser can thus penetrate the skin very smoothly and reach deep into the hair follicles. Because hair follicle has a lot of melanin, so it can absorb a lot of laser energy preferentially and convert eventually heat energy, making hair follicle temperature rises and achieving the purpose that destroys hair follicle function.

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The effect of depilation is closely related to the position, color, thickness and skin type of hair. It is generally that that whiteness of the skin is, the blacker and strong the hair is, but the better the depilation effect will be. Keep the hair removal area dry and clean after laser hair removal. Avoid bright light irradiation stimulation, do a good job in sunscreen. Do not use hot water scald wash depilate place, otherwise, the skin is easy to be stimulated and appear local redness and infection.

There is a special condition needed to be mentioned. Dark-skinned people should choose laser hair treatment carefully, and because of the amount of melanin in the skin, they absorb a portion of the laser power, which may cause a localized pigmentation or discoloration of the skin. If a person who has a darker skin is selected for laser depilation, it is preferable to select an instrument with longer pulse width. In addition, photosensitive skin is not suitable for laser hair removal, because light sensitivity, laser hair removal is easy to develop photosensitive dermatitis, which affects the cosmetic effect.

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