Things to Know Before Joining Fortnite Season 10

Battle Royale is currently the most promising and rapidly growing genre of video games, and Fortnite Battle Royale has the biggest slice of the pie with over 250 million concurrent players on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Season 10 was anticipated to become a big one, and it actually did. shared outcomes of a month on the new update of Fortnite Battle Royale with us, and here they are.

Battle Pass Improvements

The first change happened to the Battle Pass Challenges as they were replaced with Battle Pass Missions. They keep coming out every week and bring you XP, Battle Stars, and exclusive cosmetics, particularly for Fortnite Tier 100 skin. You can play 7 missions a week, but it’s enough to tick off at least 3 of them to enter the next set. At this point, it’s still the good old Fortnite with more action-packed and lengthy challenges, which is certainly a positive change.

Beware the Mechs

The next thing everyone noticed on ads is the giant B.R.U.T.E two-player suit. It’s still not clear what the letters stand for, but the first week of this robot was a mess. For some reason, Epic hasn’t learned the lesson with overpowered planes in Season 9 and tried the same trick for the second time. The wave of complaints pushed developers to lower the deadliness of the mech, and now it feels just fine. Phew! You can drive it solo, but you’ll have to switch between moving and weapons or just get by with dashes and stomps, so grab a friend or someone else to get the most out of it.

Map Changes

The map evolved with rift zones that bring you to different time periods or settings when you enter them. The brightest zones so far are the Borderlands crossover with changed graphics and exclusive weapons and the Tilted Town with Wild West setting and limitations for crafting. Developers promise more crossovers with other games and movies. The latest one brought the terrifying clown Pennywise from IT: Chapter Two and a pack of horror challenges.

Some of the old popular locations have also returned due to Rift Zones. You can visit the Dusty Depot that used to be a popular place back in Season 3. The meteor that turned it into the Dusty Divot crater is also available for exploration. It has frozen in a time crack above the ground. Other familiar locations are Greasy Grove with tacos falling from the sky, Factories, and some destroyed old places. Be careful at Moisty Palms because anyone can turn into a random object there. Start crouching when you go there to turn into a toilet or a rubbish bin. The reason for the time cataclysm, a huge Orb, is now in the center of the Loot Lake, doing nothing.

Another “look out” factor at the heart of the action is the Time Cataclysm and the enigmatic Orb, elevating gameplay to new heights of unpredictability.

Loot Lake, once a serene location, is now home to a colossal Orb, shrouded in mystery. Its purpose remains elusive, captivating players with its enigmatic presence. As the season unfolds, keep a watchful eye on this intriguing sphere, as it may hold the key to unforeseen developments and thrilling revelations.

Moisty Palms emerges as a hotspot to watch out for. Within its sandy terrain, players undergo a whimsical transformation, morphing into random objects like toilets or rubbish bins. This quirky ability injects a humorous and unpredictable element into battles, catching both seasoned veterans and novice players off guard. So, before stepping in ensure that you have a proper gear and items from Fortnite item shop ready to be used.

The Fortnite map undergoes dramatic changes during Season 10, thanks to the Time Cataclysm. This cataclysmic event reshapes the familiar landscape, introducing exciting new challenges and opportunities. With each match, players will encounter shifting terrains, creating a dynamic battleground that demands adaptability and strategic thinking.

Fortnite Season 10 invites you to embrace the unexpected. The presence of the Orb at Loot Lake and the transformative powers of Moisty Palms add an air of mystery and surprise to the gameplay. Adapt to the ever-changing map, navigate the Time Cataclysm, and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Fortnite Season 10. Get ready to experience a whirlwind of adventure like never before.


A new season is always a huge event for Fortnite Battle Royale Fans. Epic’s development strategy with overpowered weapons is weird and pushed some general influencers to ditch the game and switch to CS: GO. On the other side, several hundred thousand players are not a huge loss, while millions keep coming in. It means that being everything for everyone can be a good marketing strategy. Indeed, we’ll see it clearly when Epic publishes fresh stats at the end of the year.

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