4 Things To Do If Injured As A Passenger In Uber Accident

For passengers, Uber is a synonym for a cheaper taxi that is reached via a phone app. For drivers, Uber is an easy way to find customers and adjust working hours to their needs. Although popular around the world, Uber is very common but also disputed for many reasons. What is important to know from the start is this: Uber is a technology company, not a transport company. They do not own vehicles – but are intermediaries between drivers and users. Each of the cities in the world is a separate market. Therefore, the quality of cars and the service varies from city to city. Therefore, the question arises: What to do if you are injured in an accident while driving in Uber?

What Kind Of Service Is Uber?

You know it’s a driving service, but Uber is not a taxi. Then, what is it about? For those who don’t know (if there are any) – we’ll say that Uber is a technology platform that connects passengers – who are the users of the app, with drivers. Uber’s ambition is to be present everywhere. This means in all advanced modern cities that need a safe, reliable, and efficient way to move through the city crowd. Although often compared to a taxi, Uber is not such a service, and the principles of operation and working techniques are significantly different. Therefore, you must be familiar with some of the criteria important for passengers. That includes things you need to do in case of an accident where you might get hurt.

Uber Becoming A Global Player

Over the years of its existence, Uber has become a well-known name in every household. In addition to it, several other powerful applications in the world are responsible for the flourishing of a new type of driving sharing. Given that Uber has an army of followers around the world, everyone has wondered what consequences it will leave on mandatory car insurance. At Uber, but at all similar companies aware of that concern. Transportation sharing services are covered by the same insurance policies as cars of individuals. That means that driving them is (almost always) safe and that you can count on compensation for possible physical injuries. Of course, there are always exceptions because Uber is available to a wide range of people who are confident in their driving skills – even though sometimes they are not at a satisfactory level.

What exactly does that mean? Well, as in other situations – accidents may occur. How should you behave then, and what should you do if you are a passenger injured in an Uber accident? We present you with 4 basic tips.

Things To Do If You’re An Injured Passenger In Uber Accident

If you have participated in an accident in an Uber vehicle in which you also suffered injuries – you should act similarly as in the case of an accident in your private vehicle. However, these are some of the tips you should follow.

1.    Assess Situation, Injuries And Call Emergency Number

The most important thing in any traffic accident is to evaluate the whole situation and condition of people who may have been hurt. If an accident happens, it is of the utmost importance to call the emergency Although such accidents are very stressful for everyone – try to stay cool and try not to panic. Call 911, or ask somebody to do it. Although you may think you are feeling OK and you didn’t suffer any major injuries – make sure you see the doctor. Don’t skip the exam because there is always a risk of having internal injuries. According to, a doctor’s examination is also extremely important because it will allow you to provide the necessary medical documentation. You will need that documentation later to compensate for the injuries you have suffered.

2.    Call The Police

At the point when such accidents happen and you have endured harm and injuries – you should call the police immediately. In case such an accident made a traffic jam – the driver should attempt to guarantee (if possible) that the vehicle is expelled from the traffic and moved out of the street where it can jeopardize other drivers. When conversing with the police, be straightforward and direct, and give them just facts – and not abstract conclusions about the accident. The facts will be determined by the police on the accident spot – so you ought to tell them about the event as it occurred.

3.    Gather Evidence And Complete The Accident Documentation

When an Uber car accident occurs, especially since it’s a vehicle that is not yours – it is very important to gather all the evidence to establish the facts as they are. This can sometimes be crucial – especially in a situation where you are seeking compensation for the injuries, damage, and emotional stress you have suffered. Therefore, if you can – take a photo or record the scene of the accident with your phone. You can also take statements from drivers or other witnesses who happened to be there. In that case, it is very important you also take their contacts – in case you need them to testify in the legal proceedings.

4.    Find A Good Lawyer

Legal payments for the injuries made because of a Uber accident can sometimes be uncertain. While Uber conveys liability insurance, the injuries are viewed as secondary or optional insurance. That implies the Uber needs the driver’s insurance company to pay first – before they pay for anything. Notwithstanding, most insurance companies will not accept to pay claims for personal vehicles used for commercial purposes. That is the place where this can become a bit confounding. Therefore you will need a good lawyer who has expertise as a traffic accident attorney. The lawyer should be acquainted with all the legal details related to Uber or similar companies that provide this type of service. That is of extreme importance because you want him to make an effort and protect your interests so you can collect the financial compensation for covering your medical bills and other possible expenses.

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