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Things to consider when building mall kiosk

We live in a world that is being run by “big-box” retailers and where starting a small business seems pretty impossible. But is that really true? Just because the big boxes have gotten so bloated, a small size kiosk can save your business. In this article, we’re covering some things that you should consider if you want to build a mall kiosk.

The advantages of stepping into business with a kiosk

We all know how starting a business goes. You need tons of money and a very good business plan. And even then, it is not guaranteed that everything you planned will work out. However, starting real “small” has many advantages. Statistics say that the average money required to get a kiosk up and running ranges from just two thousand dollars up to ten thousand. That’s an insanely low price for starting a business. And even in the worst case scenario if you end up failing, you will not lose a lot of money as opposed if you opened an entire large shop. Plus, another big advantage is that you don’t have to buy the place before you start your business in it. You can just rent a spot in a mall or a trading center.

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What we’re basically trying to say is that getting a permanent retail location will cost you more than $100.000 and the amount of time you have to wait for all the licenses is really big. Flexibility is just another one of all the advantages you get to enjoy from staying small. When it comes to kiosks and carts, the licenses are renewed every month. This will basically serve as a “trial period” in which you’re allowed to come in, test your product, and if you see that it’s not selling well, you can get out of the business whenever you want.

A mall kiosk is really a smart and strategic decision when you’re just stepping into the business world. Temporary locations work really well for seasonal business as well. This means that if your business is focused and “themed” for only a certain period of the year, you can step out of it whenever that period is over. For example, if you’re selling candy and decorations, your kiosk can be open just before Christmas and maybe remain opened through Valentine’s Day and Easter. Then you can close it for the remaining time of the year. Or, if you’re selling something that’s summer related or just beach products, you should open a month before summer starts and then close during winter times.

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By operating a kiosk, you are able to be really flexible and make these strategic moves which would be otherwise quite impossible if you operated an entire shop. The most popular place for opening such a kiosk and ensuring that you get maximum recognition and traffic is a shopping mall. Other places can also work, but shopping malls are definitely the perfect spot. Remember that even though the price for a kiosk is pretty low, it will still vary depending on what kind of a business you want to start. This is because certain businesses require different kiosks with various features and equipment. For example, if you want to sell milkshake, you will need machines and milkshake making equipment.