They Mess Up All The Time – 12 Car TV Shows That Failed

It is not strange to see every big TV network has own Car Show. That is because a lot of people like to see amazing vehicles and fascinating things about them, so that is the main reason why these shows have a great share. This is content that keeps eyes wide open, and over the years we could see many of them. Some of them are great, and they are synonyms for car TV Show. For example, Top Gear, aired on BBC in the United Kingdom is one of them. Top Gear’s stars Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond did a great job in the series. Unfortunately, Jeremy had some problems with BBC and left the company, soon afterward, Richard and May followed him. Anyway, there are many series that disappointed fans, and this is the list of 12 shows that are not good as they should be.


This car show is one of the most unsuccessful ever. It was hosted by the McClure family on Discovery Channel. Their mission was to restore domestic American models to original look because those vehicles are an important part of the history. Unfortunately, they were not able to save enough four-wheelers, because their show was canceled by Discovery after the first season.


Counting Cars series is a part of massive reality show Pawn Stars. The series was hosted in Las Vegas. The subject of the “Counting Cars” is “Count’s Kustoms,” customization and restoration company founded by Danny Koker. Unfortunately, the story focuses more on the crew, and the cars were secondary. Many of the fans were disappointed with this.


If you think that the main thing in this show is restoration, then you are wrong. Everything you can see is just talking. Producers of this one, have put several million into it, but that is not visible. It would be better if “Restoration Garage” was a radio talk show.


This is an unfortunate name for a car show. The motto “It’s Mopar or No Car” best describes how boring this one is. This motto came from one of the 2012 episodes when Mark Worman showed up. Mark and his crew are totally unfamiliar with other models, and they only focus on Mopars. Fortunate for them, pretty good number of fans and Mopars lovers watch their series.


This car show was hosted by American rapper Xzibit. He focused more on the looks than on the car essence. With his crew, he did painting jobs and some unnecessary things. There were so many things that needed to be changed here, and that is the reason why it was so unsuccessful. It was a triple failure, before it started, during the airing and after it ended cause people still talk how bad this show was.


Another extremely boring series. Somebody said this is the worst thing ever happened to cars and automotive industry. There is no better word to describe this show than “miserable.” If they tried to be funny, they didn’t succeed.


Unique Whips” was aired on Speed Channel before it was shut down five years ago. It was broadcasted for three years, between 2005 and 2008. The show used to customize vehicles of most famous American celebrities. We could see Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Tom Wolfe, Marcus Camby, Fat Joe, P Diddy, Jeff Gordon, DJ Pauly D, Tony Stewart, Pam Anderson, Patti LaBelle, and 50 Cent. Anyway, this one was quite similar to “Pimp My Ride.”


This one was released on February 3, 2006, on Country Music Television. The series featured few people called Chrome Shop Mafia that customized trucks owned by selected drivers. That is the good side of this show. Unfortunately, they didn’t guide us through the makeover process, and that put them on the “mess up” list.


This show is obviously hosted by two guys, Kevin Byrd, and Wilie B. Mainly, they didn’t do a good presentation of cars such as very successful competitors Fast N’ Loud or Top Gear and that is the reason for their failure.


This one was focused on two-wheelers, but it is far more precise to say that the main topic here were the people that worked in the company. The leader of this show is Paul Teutul Sr. who works with his son Paul Teutul Jr. American Chopper was mainly about people from Orange County. The father and son often fought in the episodes, so because of that, many of their projects finished uncompleted. During the series, Junior decided to start his own company.


Extreme 4X4” aired first time on Spike TV in January 2005, as the weekend program. It was hosted by Jessi Combs and Ian Johnson. In this show, they remodeled and revised various models into the off-road vehicles. Also, they hosted several different off-road races in few states in the US, over different terrains including desert, mud or rocks. However, the main reason for their failure is that they didn’t have enough followers.


This show was aired just for eight episodes on Discovery Channel before they canceled it. Their assignment was repairing old cars and earning some pretty bucks from it. The worst thing about these eight episodes was that we didn’t get to see much of the restoration process, just like in “Trick My Truck.”