These Are Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Moves


After President Donald Trump walked away from Iran nuclear deal, it’s clear that he has an idea of what kind of foreign policy he wants to lead. So far he showed a desire to break contracts, not to sign them. Staying true to his campaign promises his first day in the office was marked by a withdrawal from 12-member trade agreement signed by Barack Obama.

President Trump claims that TPP which hasn’t even taken effect yet is a bad deal which unfairly treats the United States and leaves them exposed to competition. All other nations have already signed the agreement and seemed ready to work based on what was arranged.

But, eleven months after his first day in the White House, Donald Trump had the time to think this deal over and had a change of heart. Eleven nations who signed the agreement, besides the US, decided to move on without America, but now, President Trump is ready to join them once again if they are prepared to accept a couple of changes imposed by the US.


The North American Trade Agreement which was signed 24-years ago was called a ‘disaster’ and ‘worst trade deal maybe ever’ by the current president. Trump tried to renegotiate the terms during the last year but stayed away from withdrawal.

All of the three parties involved (Canada, Mexico, US) are trying to change the deal, but they found more that one stumbling rock, and are no closer to having an improved arrangement. The US wants to have more share on Mexican and Canadian markets especially on the automobile industry, and both countries are opposing to this.

Because of this, the future of this pact remains uncertain. During the years that this deal was in power, trade between countries flourished, but some industries have seen a decline.

Another agreement that saw the United States withdrawing from under the leadership of Donald Trump is the Paris deal which is committed to fighting global warming. This agreement was signed by Barack Obama before it was scrapped by Trump in 2017. After pulling out of Paris deal, Trump stated that the US would be opened to renegotiation, but no actions have been taken towards it. Even without the US, there are more than 190 nations who have signed and are fine with the terms.


One of the more controversial decisions made by Trump during his tenure in the White House was when he decided to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This move was condemned by the international community because Palestinians are looking to make east Jerusalem the capital of their future state. Washington officials announced that they would move their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May, which will coincide with 70th anniversary of the creation of Israeli country.

One of the focal points of his foreign policy was exchanging insults with North Korean president Kim Jong Un before taking a complete U-turn and declaring that two of them will meet at an international summit to discuss denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. The meeting will happen even after Kim endangered Japan and South Korea with constant ballistic missiles tests. But, as a sign of good will, NK released three US citizens that were imprisoned there. Kim already met with the president of SK Moon in DMZ. The meeting with Trump will occur in coming weeks.


Regarding the Middle East, Trump stated that US troops should ‘get out’ of Syria, but US Army officials noted that the army will remain and that the fight against Islamic State will continue. He also ordered a cruise missiles fire on the Syrian military targets after they were accused of using chemical weapons. The last of this attacks were in April, with the aid of US allies France and Germany.

POTUS was and still is an enemy of the Iran deal which he described as insane. Trump even stepped out of agreement although European allies refused to do so. He is adamant in putting Iran under sanctions and punish them economically until they accept to change few things in the agreement. Donald Trump wants that ban on Iran’s use of enriched uranium becomes permanent. The current terms are limiting them till 2025.


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