The Wonders Of Amber Bracelets


Coming to center stage only a few years after they were introduced in Austria and New Zealand markets, amber bracelets have become so popular so let us start by understanding what Amber bracelets are.

What is an amber bracelet?

An amber bracelet is a bracelet made from resin that oozes out of trees when scarred. This liquid solidifies and is plucked off the tree, filed and polished into beautiful beads of varying sizes, with a hole pierced through them. It is these finely finished resin beads that are tied up into a chain and wore on the body. The chains formed can be worn around the neck like a bracelet, or around the waist, or wrist or ankle of the infant, depending on the preference of the parents.


According to a good number of parents who have patronized amber bracelets over time, they believe that these Amber bracelets have a way of helping to soothe and relieve pains around the body of the child such as sprains, and especially toothaches. Even though there is no scientific or logical reasoning to support this claim, it has continued to spread, and more parents are finding reasons to accept the testimonies as true.

What makes Amber bead and bracelets popular

In early medieval years, amulets were very popular and were well patronized. Adults and parents placed protective amulets around their children, babies and young ones. This was intended to protect the young ones from harm and keep them safe from evil, as they were not able to fight for or protect themselves. Infant mortality was high in those early years, and parents of the time dwelt in superstitious believes that the deaths were born from evil. Amulets were, therefore, necessary to protect the children, infants, and babies. These amulets were made from amber. That was not all. The amber adornments also functioned as jewelry for the children.


The is this same ideology of protection, and in the second place beauty, that is borne in the minds of some of our 21st-century parents today. They adorn their infants with amber bracelets for relief from pains, as well as making them look beautiful and attractive. The practice of making the Amber beads into a variety of shapes, sizes and various colors has gone a long way to place amber higher up the fashion table than it stands on the health table.

Amber bracelets are made from very beautiful materials. When they are finished into final products, they come in beautiful shapes, and sizes which make them very attractive and appealing to the eyes. Though they initially started as ornaments for children and infants, adults are no longer left out as they too can now enjoy the beautiful adornments of amber bracelets.