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The VIP nightlife around the World: Discover what Luxury Services You Can Find in Each City

VIP clubbing has become very popular in the recent years. In party cities like London, Barcelona, Dubai or Ibiza, classy people from around the world enjoy their nights to the fullest thanks to companies such as Luxury Services Europe, which offer the best experience possible A good example of this is YouBarcelona, where you can find VIP Table Booking, guest lists and other top venue services. Let’s learn what they are.

Vip table booking in London

Finding the right club for your big night out in London is not hard at all. Every neighbourhood has a slightly different vibe but you can find anything you want here, from risqué burlesque shows to vip clubbing. London Vip Tables offers the possibility to take a seat at the best clubs in the city -listed below-, and it allows you to mingle with celebrities or elite escorts while enjoying the treats of your VIP table: snacks, drinks, and much more. 

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Cirque Le Soir

This peculiar club in Ganton Street is like a breath of fresh air for London’s night scene. The inspiration theme is a french circus that has been taken to the next level. Around you, you will find clowns, snake-charmers or contortionists performing impossible dances on the stages, while hot models pour champagne in your mouth from giant glasses.

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This club is the place to be in London when it comes to VIP clubbing. It is a huge venue -over 5,000 square feet whose walls are covered by mirrors where the best guest’s of London’s nightlife gather around to have a good time. The decoration is eclectic and interesting: rich mahogany furniture with velvet upholstery over a pink dance flore.

Mahiki Myfair Club

Mahiki is one of the most popular clubs in London for a few years now. The clientele is pretty exclusive, from famous actresses and singers to some of the top soccer players on the Premier’s Ligue. The decoration is inspired in a Polynesian island and it invites you to relax having a nice cocktail before starting a never-ending night of dancing and fun.

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Luxury services in Dubai 

Located in the centre of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most modern and richest cities in the Arab States. This paradise for glitter and unbridled luxury offers a wide selection of spectacular bars and luxury clubs which regularly host evenings with the most famous international DJs. With Dubai Vip Tables not only will you find the best seats in the top luxury clubs of the city listed below, but also have access to luxury services such as a 24/7 concierge service, luxury car rental and yacht rental, and the best villas in Dubai to enjoy and relax without worrying about anything.

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White Dubai

White Dubai is one of Dubai’s most popular vip nightlife destinations. Placed on a terrace on the roof it has an incredible view of the city’s skyline, White Dubai is an open, ultra-modern high-tech space which offers energetic nights, vip tables, trendy music and incredible light shows.

Cavalli Dubai

Cavalli Club is one of the most glamorous places in the city, frequented by celebrities like Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez or Sean Paul. Roberto Cavalli’s distinctive touch shines through every detail, from the walls decorated with Swarovski crystals to the shiny black quartz floor. It also features an award-winning restaurant which serves an excellent menu of Italian cuisine, while the sophisticated lounge offers vip bottles,premium cocktails and spirits. 

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Base Dubai

Vip clubbing in Dubai wouldn’t be the same without Base. Base Dubai is a five stars venue located under the night sky. It offers a top rated music performance with world-class shows for more than 2,000 people.

Vip bottles in Ibiza

As a VIP client in Ibiza you can enter the clubs without waiting in line, you have access to the exclusive VIP area of the disco and all drinks included. You will also enjoy bottle service at your table. The full amount you pay to reserve the table is equivalent to the beverage credit. 

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Pachá is undoubtedly one of the classic’s of Ibiza’s nightlife.  It has a capacity for 3000 people and its upper part has a terrace. Its most famous party is F*** me, I’m Famous: David Guetta’s party. 


We would dare to say that Amnesia is the best club in the world, since for 3 years in a row it has received the award for the best club in the world (Best Global Club). It offers incredible parties and VIP services. 

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Ushuaïa Ibiza

Ushuaïa is the crown jewel of Playa d’en Bossa. They have an extraordinary stage production, glamorous dancers, a very well located VIP area and the services of the best DJ’s in the world. 

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Hi Ibiza

This avant-garde discotheque features impressive light shows and its configuration changes completely every night. It also has three outdoor areas, VIP luxury services including private tipi shops and even a DJ booth in the unis*x bathrooms.