The Types of Custom Cardboard Packaging

If you’re interested in custom cardboard packaging, then have no fear as you got a lot of options to choose from. In the world of packaging, the main focus is to design cardboard boxes that fit the items which you need to transport or store. There is no use if you’re going to store a few small items into a large box, so the cardboard packaging industry designs smaller boxes that fir the size and purpose of the item.

Below, we will explain all the types of custom cardboard packaging options out there.

• Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboards are made from three layers of paper which include an inside, outside, and fluting layer that ruins in between both layers. This type of custom cardboard packaging is great for shipping items from one place to another due to its durability. However, the material type is not suited for most retail product packagings as it often times be too heavy in comparison to the products.

• Rigid or Setup Boxes

Rigid or setup boxes are mostly made out of paperboard that has a smooth taped surface. These types of boxes usually come pre-assembled and are used as packaging for high-end gadgets such as smartphones. These types of packaging boxes are highly durable and are and deliver product quality.

• Folding Carton

This type of custom cardboard packaging is made out of lightweight paperboard that is thick and sturdy enough to be used for product packaging. However, they are very poor if used as shipping boxes.

• Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are designed for a specific purpose, to be used as gift carriers. They are made from white cardboard that is very light but doesn’t offer any impact protection. This type of cardboard is not designed as a shipping box material and should only be used as gift boxes.

• Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are made from corrugated boards and cardboards, designed for packaging and delivering of goods. This type of custom cardboard packaging can be custom printed to your needs. You can custom print your company logo on shipping boxes at

• Mailing Boxes

Mailing boxes are also made from corrugated boards, cardboard, and even kraft cardboard, and they are mostly used to hold fragile items that need to be transported to their destination. They come in a variety of colors, and you can even customize them yourself. There are many styles that mailing boxes come into, most common and widely used are roll end tuck front boxes, cable box, regular tuck top box with locks, one-piece folder boxes, and more.

• Food and Catering Boxes

Food and catering boxes are used as packaging boxes for most catering services and fast food deliveries. They are widely used for the transportation of food and the most popular types of food and catering boxes are pizza boxes, cupcake boxes, take-out boxes, cookie and biscuit boxes, candy boxes, etc. Like the rest of the boxes on this list, food and catering boxes can be custom printed for your company branding needs. Food and catering boxes do not interfere with the food and they are made from 100% organic materials that don’t affect the taste of food. These types of boxes are usually made from white cardboard.

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