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The Top 7 Online Games You Need to Play Right Now

As the wave of gaming has taken precedence as one of our most revered recreational times, we head into an era where online gaming takes the throne. From leisurely games and all the way to esports, games online have taken a very strong foothold beating even real-world sports. People literally spend hours on their consoles making their way through a virtual realm. Online gaming has become so competitive that there are scores of online guides as well as tweaks like the, which help by drastically improving the gaming experience. Here are the top seven as well as the most popular online games that you must check out today.

Rainbow Six Siege

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This first-person shooter, released in 2015 by Ubisoft has left a deep impact on the gaming community. This game is available exclusively for PC, PS4 and Xbox One; the game teaches you to strategize missions like hostage rescue operations and even drug busts as special government forces.

The friendly and helpful community has grown large over the years with more players joining every day.

This is a game which will keep you entertained all year round. Play either single player, or compete in multiplayer missions and win big prizes!

Counter-Strike – Global Offensive

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Whenever you hear the words “counter strike” it will resonate like old nostalgia. Since the release of its 1.6 version, the game has attracted millions of gamers around the world!

With the release of CS:GO in 2012, its fame scattered covering even parts of Asia as well as Africa. This first-person shooter by Steam stands out as one of its kind today, packed with upgrades bringing in some serious gameplay compared to the 1.6 version.  

We recommend this game for so many reasons you can’t even count, so just get started today and you will know the reasons.


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Here is another classic taking us back to the old LAN gaming days when World of Warcraft (WOW) and Age Of Empires used to be popular.

Following the two popular strategy video games there arose DOTA, and later in 2013, DOTA-2 made its appearance. This MOBA game has a dedicated and friendly player base which took DOTA all the way to Esports, where it remains to be amongst the first to join the esports roster.

DOTA is a three-lane 5v5 MOBA format, which requires ever-increasing skills and wits if you wish to survive in this gameplay.


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Dubbed as one of the most underrated games of the modern era, “Warframe” stands out on its own with a steadily growing fan base watched over by Digital Extreme.

In collaboration with the players, the developers have taken this beta project to great heights. This is where you unleash yourself, starting out in the lower ranks and working your way to your mortal enemies by slaying characters that stand in between.

Over the years “Warframe” is being routinely updated to suit your choices for gameplay.



Overwatch combines the thrills of a first person shooter game with a touch of MOBA. The game requires you to not only formulate a team but also pick the best team commander choosing from 21 heroes with distinct classes.

You could either go offence, defence, tank or support class and adapt to your team for an amazing gaming experience.

Each hero has its own set of abilities and weapons to choose from, thus, making this game extra fascinating at the same time.

Overwatch has further made its way to Esports and accumulated a huge fanbase at the same time; hence, the competition is fierce.

League of Legends

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League of legends, the genius masterwork of Riot Games designed back in 2009, perhaps one of the most well-known games today with a fan base of about 100 million players worldwide.

League of Legends is a MOBA featuring several maps with the main being Summoner’s Rift, a 3 lane 5v5 experience. The champions available for play exceed 130 and are routinely tweaked to keep the gameplay fresh.

League of Legends is heavily invested in esports with events all over the world, all year round.


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Spanning across almost every platform, the game that deserves the number one spot for being the most entertaining gameplay, most accessible, and versatile.

Fortnite truly deserves the number one spot without a doubt, and there are good reasons.

You can play battle royale format, 100 players and an ever-shrinking map. This isn’t just about just shooting at your opponents as players can even craft their own fortresses, including set traps to maximize the fun and excitement.

Fortnite keeps its fanbase entertained throughout the year by bringing changes to the map and introducing new gaming modes.

Neat graphics and remarkably interactive gameplay are undoubtedly mesmerizing.


These are the top seven online games that you need to be playing right now, Not just for the gameplay, as these games will take you beyond this world and into a realm where an entire community awaits to join your quest online.