The Rock Surprises 100-Year-Old Woman with Birthday ( Video )

When you think about a down to earth celebrity, not many people are coming to mind. However, over the years we’ve witnessed that Dwayne Johnson is one of the most relatable celebrities we have. He is humble and before becoming a Hollywood celebrity he took over the WWE sphere. Nowadays, he is one of the biggest Hollywood stars and one of the highest-paid actors. Consequently, he has a whole army of fans and followers.

One of his longtime fans, Marie Grover was turning 100 and Dwayne used to opportunity to send her a video and congratulate her. The Rock learned about his fan’s birthday via Tweeter when Jamie Klingler, a communications and events expert from Philadelphia who lives in London, shared that her best friend’s grandmother, Marie Grover, has been a fan of “The Rock” for the past 30 years. Moreover, she said that she would want to get the actor to send “Grandmom Grover” a 100th birthday message.

The message got to the Rock who was more than delighted to celebrate one of his loyal fans, who is turning 100. So, he recorded and sent a beautiful rendition of “Happy Birthday” and you can guess it, the video has gone viral.

As soon as The Rock saw Klinger’s tweet, he immediately reached out to see how he could make Grover’s day extra special. So, he made a video, sent it along to Klingler, who passed it along with her best friend in Philadelphia. Then, when Marie Grover’s big day came, her granddaughter showed her the special birthday message from a very special person. She even filmed Grover’s reaction which is priceless.

In the video message, Dwayne sings “Happy Birthday”, expresses his good wishes, and says that he’s honored and happy to do this.

Love seeing this. Happy 100th Grandma Grover! I’m honored you’re a fan and grateful you were born! Much love, Rock.

(wish my grandma was still around, but stuff like this is always the best part of fame) #phillystrong 💝

Klinger, who was the initiator, said that she and the Grover family are extremely happy and grateful that The Rock took the time to record the birthday message. The message made Grandma Grover incredibly happy and that she’ll always be grateful for this act of kindness.